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  1. Hi, no we haven't confirmed a date yet. I will start with that and then see if the prices change. I hope they do! I can't wait to get started with everything.
  2. Hi everyone! I am hoping to get married at GPBJ early 2012. I found this forum (which will be so helpful) and saw the new 2012 prices. I got really excited about the cheaper packages and then today I got the email from the assistant planner at the resort with all the info. It looks like she sent me the 2010 prices. I specified I was interested in the new pricing for 2012. Should I just respond asking her again? Thanks!
  3. I'm not able to see the dress, but I don't think I will be able to wear them in the heat. Even though I would really want to!
  4. Thanks for the support guys! I am so looking forward to all the planning and just don't want to hurt our families by not having the wedding back home. But like my FI tells me, they got to plan their wedding, now it is my turn!
  5. Hi everybody, I just found this website and am so excited! It looks like a great resource for planning. My FI and I have been engaged and living common-law for quite a while but are finally going to plan the wedding. We are looking at Feb-March 2012 but haven't told our families yet. FI is military and we live across the country from all friends and family so I thought a DW would be perfect instead of planning a wedding back home. The problem though is both of our families don't really travel and I am pretty sure we are going to run into alot of complaints. We have made up our minds that a DW is the best choice for us, even if it is just us and our 2 children on the trip, but would love some family to be able to come. I guess my question is, does anyone else have any ideas on how to approach family and convince them they need a vacation? I know they would all love it, but they are used to more traditional weddings in both families. Thanks, sorry it was so long winded!!
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