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  1. Just got back!! The wedding went smoothly, and turned out to be a perfect day! I'll post pics when I have them. I couldn't have had such an awesome day without you guys helping me out. Once I've got pictures, I'll post a review as well.
  2. I can't belive it's here ladies! I leave on Saturday for Mexico! Wish me luck. I hope all the planning and hours stressing are worth it! Thanks again everyone for helping me during this process. Your experience and kindness have been invaluable. YAY! Paula
  3. Here's some ideas on how I cut corners: brought down my own paper lanterns - ~$40 for 20 lanterns from asianideas.com. They fold flat in your suitcase. made my own LED throwies to light the lanterns - ~13. Bought the LED lights and Batteries from ebay. Search the forums for "LED Throwies" for complete material lists. brought down my own centerpieces - ~20 for 5 vases, and I'm filling them with limes purchased locally in Mexico. Add a little water to the vase and voila, centerpieces. I'm arranging a bride side vs. groom side beach/pool volleyball game so that everyone will have a chance t
  4. I'm not sure where you're coming from, however, in order to guarantee room availability for my guests there was a $150 per person deposit put down on the all-inclusive package. The $300 (total per couple) was put towards their trip, but it guaranteed the rate and the room (but most importantly space on the flight). We booked through our travel agent here in Canada and with Sunwing Vacations. I guess it really depends on what you want to do. We arranged the deposit through our travel agent, and asked people in advance if they wanted to put the deposit down. Some people accepted, and some declin
  5. Congrats Missmely! I've been following your posts for a while (especially since our weddings are so close). Good luck! I know that all your plannng and hard work will pay off. Enjoy it! Paula
  6. Hey ladies! Any past brides know if there's a steamer available at the resort to de-wrinkle dresses? Is this something that I need to pack? Any help would be awesome! Thanks! Paula
  7. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S FEBRUARY!!! Ack! Three weeks to go. I feel like I have so much to do. PLUS, it's really stressful at work. CRAZINESS!!!!
  8. Hi! I'm getting married there in three weeks, and I can tell you that: 1) - The gazebo stands there permenantly, so I wouldn't pay any extra for bamboo (not quite sure what that is) 2) - I didn't pay for the exotic gazebo. I just added sheers and corsages. Cheaper for sure. 3) - You will need two. They'll cover the top and sides. 4) - You can bring down your own decorations, but I understand they (sometimes) charge a set-up fee. It varies and can be inconsistent. I would budget for ~$150.00 for a set-up fee just in case. 5) - I originally had the gold package, and the only real diffe
  9. Ack! 41 days until the wedding. I'm getting sooooo excited! Just another quick question about meeting with your onsite coordinator. When did you find out when your appointment was? And, is you appointment typically the day after you arrive? What do you talk about? Do you just go over what's on your detailed sheet (that's sent from your wedding coordinator in FL)? Can you make additions to the detailed sheet at that time? How long is the appointment? I'm not quite sure what to expect. Any help would be awesome! Thanks! Paula
  10. Hello ladies, I've been cruising this website for about a year now, and the information and experience that you guys have provided has been invaluable! Planning a wedding is an inherently stressful process, so I just want to say thanks for making it a little more stress-free. You guys all deserve a huge pat on the back! Happy planning! Paula
  11. Eeek! Is anyone else starting to freak out? I know I am. The wedding is on Feb 29th and I feel like I still have so much to do!
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