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  1. We won't be hiring a DJ, we'll just play our iPod. One of our guests loves to be "the dj" so we'll let him do his thing. haha
  2. Hi ladies! I haven't been on for a while... and I missed so much! Great centerpiece ideas! We opted for no real centerpieces for a couple reasons... our supper is at the Villa Marina from 6:30-8:30 then we move up to the Lobby Terrace for speeches and dancing. For the amount of time we will 'see' them, I don't think it's worth it. Instead, we bought a bunch of battery operated tealights and candles (Costco for $14.99!!) and I think they'll set the mood just fine. That - and we're having a giant reception when we get home, so I'll spend the $$ on centerpieces then. (After thought - I guess in the end, Ana could transfer the centerpieces up to the lobby.....) @AwayWeGo - We get the Lobby Terrace from 9-12midnight. We have to pay a set-up fee of $150 for the Lobby Terrace, and I talked her down to $100 for the sound system (apparently its different from the one included with the ceremony) We also have to pay a waiter service for the 3 hours - $90. I believe the set up includes cocktail tables - I should really find out lol I like the idea of bringing paper lanters for up there though. **For those trying to choose a package** I struggled with this for a while, but Ana was very accomodating. I told her what were planning, what we wanted and what we didn't, and she made us our own package. I thought about doing a-la-carte but still wanted all the 'perks' of a set package (ie: 10%discount at the spa centre, champagne breaky in bed, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne for the wedding night, romantic dinner at the beach front restaurant, etc...) Long story short, she re-vamped the Sunset Package to suit us. I have no idea how many ppl you can sit in the outdoor part of the Villa Marina, but Ana knows we have just over 40 guests coming. On another note - the bigger packages come with 1 flower arrangement. I've heard of some brides upgrading the arrangement, using them for the arch during the ceremony, the Ana takes them apart, and they are used for centerpieces. Just a thought Phewf. How's that for catching up?!?! Haha
  3. I have never been to this resort before, but I have had friends go there on vacation. They said they loved the resort! One of our guests is a hairdresser and she'll be doing our hair, so I haven't really looked into the options at the resort. I think I remember reading somewhere that there is a little bit of a language barrier, but lots of pictures definetly help! Are you planning on having your ceremony on the beach? To all other OCT brides - are you planning on having centerpieces? They want to charge $25 per centerpiece for a small square vase and a few flowers!!! Not something I want to spend too much $$ on!
  4. Hi Kristen, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!! I'm getting married Nov 16/11 - 3 months to go! We decided to have our supper at the Villa Marina, which has an outdoor section next to the pool. Our reception (speeches, 1st dances + party) will happen on the upper Terrace. Ana said we can play our own music until 12midnight and then I heard the lounge by the pool plays music till 1am. We didn't choose the Mexican restaurant because I'm sure our guests will eat there regularily and we liked the 'outside' option of the Villa Marina without the price of an 'outdoor terrace reception'. We are still being charged for the Terrace, and we pay for a waiter for 3 hours, but I'm sure we would have tipped someone to keep coming back anyways. Hope this helps! Genevieve
  5. haha me too! I just made a trip into Edmonton on the weekend and spent way too much time at West Ed Mall! I did buy 25 bikini bags though... how could you not?! Not sure when a person will use them, seeing as you would probably go to your room to change lol but you never know! There is a store in the mall called Colliseum - it has men's suits etc.. and there's a great deal on beach wear right now! $25 for linen shirts and linen pants 2 for $50. The quality is quite nice, and the FI likes them! I'm not sure if this store could be found in other cities. I have been obsessed with finding the travel sewing kits from Michaels and here's the scoop - I only found 6, I need 25. The lady told me that since they are a 'novelty- fun' item that they can receive shipments at any time. So ladies - keep phoning your local stores!!! Quote: Originally Posted by kya101 I am glad in a sense that I live in a small town 5 hours away from the city, because I would definitely need some OOT intervention!!! I am dying to go and get some of these La Vive nn Rose Bikini Bags!!!!
  6. Hi TropicLover and Sandy! I was getting a little nervous because this thread was not as active as it used to be! Thanks so much for the link! I didn't realise the sun set so early in November We don't need any outside vendors. I'm lucky enough to be bringing a local photographer and my friend who is a hairdresser! (the hairdresser also doubles as a second shooter I've read on here that some brides have talked the WC down to $200 for an outside photographer (this does not include the day pass) Worth looking into! I have no idea what we're going to do about makeup yet... might look into getting Adrian, or doing it myself LOL I'm pretty picky! As for the reception, I'm waiting to hear back from Ana about having supper at the Villa Marina. Then I think we'll just head up to the lobby terrace afterwards and see where the night takes us! Looking forward to hearing all about your plans ladies!
  7. I'm getting married November 16 this year Congratulations! I'm also trying to decide on ceremony times. Does anyone know what time the sun sets in November? My photographer suggested family/bridal party pics are done 2 hours before sun set, so I was going to base the ceremony on that TropicLover - are you paying extra to have your reception go until midnight??
  8. Hey Ladies! I've been following this thread for a while now, but just started purchasing items for my OOT bags. I ended up buying the Avon Aloe gel and chapstick that was mentioned here - thanks The aloe gel was a little bigger then I thought, but oh well. The FI and I were in Edmonton on the weekend, and picked up some beach bags from Dollarama for $2 each (they resemble brown burlap) we thought they were 'beachy'. We also bought beach balls - 2 for $1.75. We were happy with our purchases BUT - I just searched 'beach' on orientaltrading.com and found sooo many different options for bags and beach balls! As well as little trinkets, cute shot glasses, star fish, etc... I suggest checking it out, if only to get ideas!
  9. Thanks for the info. ladies! Thing is, my fiance are heading to the resort a couple days before everyone shows up so we can get organised, put the OOT bags together, meet with the planner etc... Therefore when our guests arrive, we can greet them with Margaritas, relax and enjoy the short time with our family and friends! So not sure what we're going to do.... And thanks to those who suggested Avon... I have contacted our local rep! Fab prices for great products!!!
  10. Hi Ladies! Thanks for all the tips so far! This site is fantastic! Just wondering how everyone is planning on bringing their OOT Bag items to the destination?? I know luggage allowance has changed, so is anyone sending their items ahead of time?? Thanks
  11. Hi Steph, Last email I sent to Ana asking about photographers, she replied by telling me that I can use my own (also family friend) as long as they are staying at the resort. I just don't think you can bring someone in for the day. Hope this helps! Genevieve
  12. I see you're from Calgary .. I live near Edmonton! If you don't mind my asking, what are your prices looking like for Dreams Cabo? I've been struggling with resorts and prices, and can't find a happy medium! Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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