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  1. It's interesting to hear that some WCs at MP try to get your guests in the same building, etc. Mine has told me that she will send the info to the bookings people, but she has no control over it and it is subject to availability, etc. Basically she did not sound even remotely confident that my guests will be located in the same area .. nor did she sound like there was anything she could/would do. Not really surprised at this point. I'll be very happy when I no longer have to deal with these people.
  2. Does anyone know if the WC tries to get your guests close to your room/building.. or just in the same section. ? Thx!
  3. That is correct - you have to get day passes at all of the Palace resorts for your vendors.
  4. ah - forget it! Just talked to Fernando and worked out a different location for the trial. YAY!
  5. Has anyone used either Doranna and/or Fernando and not gone w/a practice sesson? I HATE the idea of not doing a trial, but Moon Palace charges $88/person/day for day pass. I can't see paying that for 2 people on 2 different days. Criminy.. it's these fees that are killer!
  6. Anyone have thoughts regarding the heat during late March? Our ceremony is on March 24th.. and I am trying to decide where to have our cocktail hour. I want to have it outside on the terrace, with umbrellas on the tables to shade. I see that the avg temps at this time of year are ~85 degrees though.. and our cocktail hour would be at noon. I'm a little worried about my in-laws and the fact that my husband is very anti hot-heat. Our WC suggested maybe having the cocktail party in a ballroom that has AC. I don't want to decorate a ballroom and was really counting on an outdoor party. However.. I don't want it to be ruined b/c everyone is too hot to enjoy the mariachi and the food, etc. Thoughts? Anyone who has been there at that time of year and know what to expect? Anyone seen a review from that time of year.. i'm still looking.. TIA!
  7. Alright I am getting paranoid. I keep reading bad reviews of Palace hair and makeup experiences.. not necessarily MP. I have yet to see a good review.. can someone point me in the direction of one?? I'm also looking into bringing someone in to do my hair/makeup.. did I read that they have to also have a day pass purchased for them?? I just don't think I can factor that charge into my already over-budget-budget.
  8. For those who used Adrian.. did you do a trial and then the big day? Just looking at his prices and hate to pay $150 on top of the $300 for the day. Did anyone have probs getting ahold of Fernando? I have emailed them twice within the past 2 wks and never rec'd a reply back. ???
  9. Does anyone have a name of someone at Moon Palace who does hair / makeup - that is good?? I've seen several bad reviews on this forum. I have been looking into having someone from the outside do my hair/makeup - but a) I can't get a reply from Fernando and Doranna (the other person recommended by Del Sol) wants $330 total for this. That price just sounds pretty darn ridiculous. She also wanted $50/ea for my 2 little girls - for a super-simple 'do. I will do it myself for free thank you. Anyhow.. does anyone have any thoughts or have seen other posts on this? I'm trying to find some info that I have previously read. Thx
  10. SChica927 - I inquired about having firedancers at our private dinner and was told that the cost would be $850 for 25 minutes.
  11. FYI.. our WC is telling me that you only receive comped items such as the cocktail hour.. if you have booked the room nights through their room contract. Which is ridiculous as my husband and I are owners at the place, and we booked 3 rooms just in our names for 6 nights each. Plus our 5-6 additional rooms which were booked separately. Plus the Sapphire Pkg. This place is getting on my nerves. Also, found out the projector and screen for a video is $580. Still high.. every option seems to be $400 or $580. Anyone ever book a private dinner for a party less than 20? I'm thinking now that, for the cost, a dinner would be nicer than a cocktail party in the blazing sun. I see, however, a note on the sheet that states 'Buffet and plated dinner services require a minimum of 20 guests.' This is starting to seriously annoy me. I guess they are saying '$800' minimum cost for private dinner. ;p
  12. Does anyone know what the resort is like during spring break? We've always visited in May. We are having our ceremony in late March. Hoping it isn't too crazy.. thank god it is so huge. thx!
  13. I am a professional photographer - and I agree completely that the service you are receiving is very unprofessional and unacceptable. Is your photographer local to you? I would absolutely get her on the phone - but if she is local, I would make a visit to her studio. I know of a few brides who have used photographers who did not communicate with them - in some instances, the photographer did not follow through on the wedding date or did not deliver the final product. Either option is very scary for you. If this photographer is located in the US, I would contact PPA (Professional Photographers of America) to find out if she is a member (I believe you can find this info on their website) and try to get some help from them. Especially if you do not get any response via phone, etc. Follow up on this immediately! No professional photographer should treat a client like this. Be sure that it is not an email-related issue, however - call them or visit in-person. If they continue to ignore you, do everything to get your money back (Better Business Bureau, PPA, threaten legal action, etc) - and find a reputable photographer. Best of luck to you!!
  14. My hubby and I are renewing our vows in March (10-yr anniv).. and are hiring Juan Jose from Del Sol Photography. Has anyone used him? I have seen many glowing reviews of Sol, Matt, and Vincent.. haven't seen anything re. Juan. ?
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