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  1. 11/11/11 @ Playacar Palace, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  2. BWD Name Real Name Departing Wedding Date Location Danitha Danielle 11/7/11 11/11/11 Playacar Palace
  3. Wow sounds like everyone on here is getting down to business. I just booked my flight with Jetblue but I was looking into Virgin, but I don't think they fly into Cancun only Los Cabos. I could be wrong and they haven't posted it or u r not flying from where I am. Virgin is def. a nice airline to fly on! Good luck with planning. I guess I need to get on it and get those invitations done and mailed out. Im slackin!!
  4. I do remember reading that as well. Can you post the original wording for those of us who were unable to copy that before they changed it? It would be much appreciated1 Thank you_Danitha
  5. I was just curious on how to view this info u posted. It is not allowing me to download the attachments. I am getting married at the Playacar Palace in Nov. and this would be so helpful if I could view it. Thank you-Danitha SABE 2011 RIVIERA.xls SPA PRICE LIST RIVIERA MAYA 2011.xls Private Events_ PL JSAV.pdf
  6. Andi, I just wanted to say have a wonderful anny/vacay at PP. I will be getting married there on 11/11/11 and am still a little apprehensive about a few things. Photos would be awesome if u can. Esp. of the beach and how close the ferry and senor frogs is to the hotel. My fiance is worried I will be disappointed that the beach may not be what I am hoping for. I have been told by other girls on here that the beach is beautiful so I am trusting there advice. When purchasing airfare did u find it cheaper to fly into cozumel?? Have a wonderful trip!! Enjoy!!
  7. Hello ladies, Congrats to all the future brides!! I am also 11/11/11 at the Playacar Palace. I am getting so nervous about the rising cost of fuel that I am afraid no one will come because airfare will be so astronomical. Also looking for an available photographer for this date is getting harder and harder. Most are already booked. Yikes I need to get on a lot of stuff. Save the dates went out. I have a dress but still looking for another, Nov. is still a ways away and I cant seem to settle on what I want. Good luck to you all!!
  8. Hi Girls, Just wanted to know if anyone had heard of Bridal Blvd.? They seem to have the exact same layout as light in the box, same web page, dresses, etc. They are having a deal now until 2/12 on free custom sizing and $10 shipping if anyone's interested. I am in the same boat as everyone posting, whether to get a knock off and from where?? Good luck and Congrats!! here's the link: http://www.bridalblvd.com
  9. ok first off congrats to all you brides and future brides!! This thread has been so informative and I want to thank all the posts. At kittenheart_ your dress looked beautiful on you. Which dress did u have Duosheng replicate for you. I am looking at some of the Pronovias and am worried that there might be too much detail with lace, beads etc. for it to come out looking like I want. Thx again for allowing me to post here so late;) danitha
  10. Congrats to those who have gotten married so far and congrats to all you fellow 2011 brides. My fiance and I have chosen the Playacar Palace and our date is set for 11/11/11. I have already become obsessive on whether or not we have chosen the right hotel and if it will be affordable for our guests. I keep hearing about airfare hikes and come November, I am not sure how thats all gonna look. Anyways to all you lovely ladies as well as others who post, thank you so much for your input. It has been so helpful!!!
  11. Ladies congrats on your engagements and finding a place for your wedding. I am also having my day at PP on 11/11/11. If there's anyone else out there with that date for PP, hit me up. I was told that they have a wedding every two hrs so this means three weddings in one day at the PP. I was curious if this bothers anyone? I am a little nervous that this may take away from the brides day knowing that two other weddings r happening. Any brides out there who married here, did u have issues with this? Once again, Congrats and happy planning!! :)Danitha
  12. Congrats on your wedding. I am planning a nov. 11, 2011 wedding there and I am concerned about how crowded the resort might be during this time. Your wedding was this november, did u find that the resort was filled? was there more than one wedding happening? thx-Danitha
  13. Samantha its sounds like your wedding was perfect. Congrats!! I am planning a November 2011 wedding at the PP and just had a few quetions for u on urs. First-did u go with complimentary or chose one of the packages? did u go with a travel agent? did the ferry so close create debris/garbage? my fiance is pretty concerned this will take away from the serenity of the beach experience, more like hes concerned I will get there and be upset about it. Thanx for your posts!! Danitha
  14. I am planning a November 2011 wedding at the Playacar palace but I have a concern about the ferry being so close and it attracting garbage, etc to the beach. Did any of the PP brides who wed there in the past few years have any issues with the dock so close or is it just appear to be that close in pics? Congrats to all you lovely ladies out there and thx for allowing me to post!!!
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