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  1. We rented the wedding suite. I asked if this room was large enough for 8 girls to hang and get their hair done, and she said that it would be! I am not sure about the other rooms and I would hate for you to have to move again! I saw something mentioned about reserving the bridal suite at the spa to get ready in, which I am sure is what most ppl do (not me). I would just call them and find out. WEDDING SUITE - THE MEASUREMENTS ARE 59.98 sqmt / 645.61 sqft
  2. Has anyone having their reception on the beach decided on their seating arrangement? I had originally wanted to do long tables, but I am being advised that the circle tables might be better. Any advice?? Future Mrs. Cliv, We are having our rehearsal dinner at the Blue Terrace. We only have 43 ppl, so we had the oppsite problem! I guess they want you to have 50-60ppl, which is silly, because how often do groups fall within that number?? We are having to pay for 7 extra ppl Hopefully they will let you squeeze. Bravo for getting over 60 people to your wedding
  3. Hi all! My travel agent just got back from Azul Beach Resort, and sent me this email...it sounds like we made a good decision!! Hey Robin and Ken, I just returned from Mexico and had the pleasure of viewing the Azul Beach Resort....I think you are really going to love it. They have been doing alot of renovations that will be completed by the time you arrive(two new restaurants and rooms). The new Jr Suite section is amazing.....a contemporary Bali look...very nice and hip. The resort feels very relaxing and zen like much different from the much larger resorts I stayed at last week. I really, really liked it and know that you will too.
  4. Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that I just called Pioneer Group, and there is now a 3 dozen minimum for their pashminas in order for them to be shipped. I am totally bummed, because we only need 14 and would need shipping. Bummed.
  5. I am not sure what the Villa Carola is, we just blocked off a set of Junior suites.
  6. Hi Girlies! I am getting married Dec. 17th at Azul Beach!! I am really excited... it has great reviews. Are any of you doing a bachelorette party or any excursions while you are there? Maritza- Favors. Although I promised myself that if we were going to have favors it wouldn't be a bag of candy, I found really great lego candies in our colors. I am going to put them in cute little bags that say "Je T'aime," because we currently live in France with my fiance's job as an Engineer (hence the legos- he's a little nerdy!). Here is the idea: http://www.brendasweddingblog.com/storage/lego-candy.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1244143844586 Here are the bags: http://www.etsy.com/listing/80850053/10-muslin-favor-gift-bags-lovebirds-je?ref=sr_gallery_1&ga_search_submit=&ga_search_query=je+t%26%2339%3Baime+favor+bags&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade ttfn!
  7. Jen G, This sounds like so much fun! I have been playing with the idea of doing something like this as well at the Azul Beach Resort. I have an email in to see if they would set something like this up. I am getting married on Saturday (Dec. 17th, 2011), and I thought this would be a great way to spice up a day...maybe even do just do a girl's beach Olympics and the boys can go fishing or something. How memorable!! I have already started buying some funny stuff to make Olympic kits, such as colored zinc oxide and really awful 80's glasses! I am glad there are other fun brides out there to bounce my ideas off of!
  8. Hello BDW friends! OK, so I have been OBSESSED with finding the perfect wedding shoe. Should they be hot strappy heels or cute yellow pumps? Would barefoot be ideal, or will that be too 'hippy.' Hours upon hours I have spent searching Endless.com, katespade.com, zappos, etc. only to have the perfect jeweled strappy sandal or awesome ballerina slipper out in my size! Then I was reading my fitness mag, and they featured a company that makes really cute ribbon sandals in Africa AND the money goes to the women's education. What is also cool about these, is that the pretty straps are available in a lot of different colors/patterns (even one named 'kapowski') AND there are tons of different ways to tie the laces; I bought a them with saffron ribbons (one of our colors) and bought an extra pair of ivory, to match my dress. I am crossing my fingers that they will look great! http://www.ssekodesigns.com/
  9. Hi everyone! Don't you just love Etsy!! Here is what I have purchased so far: 5 personalized bridesmaid's mirrors to match their dresses, 5/$20: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Eccolo?ref=ss_profile Our wedding 'theme' is roughly based on "Choose your own adventure" where we gave guests the option of a Mexico wedding or a Montana At-Home-Reception. I found this really cool book to use as our guest book as well as an adventure scrapbook. It is based on the same book in the movie 'Up.' $39.95, and she is going to personalize the colors to match our wedding colors. http://www.etsy.com/listing/79576074/our-adventure-book-made-to-order?ref=pr_shop I found this 'gem' as well, and she is great to work with, Sea Sandals by Galia Aqua. They are $7 each, and can be personalized. I bought them for a bridesmaids gift and as well as a gift for the groomsmens' wives/girlfriends. http://www.etsy.com/listing/76241172/sea-sandals-by-galia-aqua-barefoot I am not sure what I am going to do with this yet, but I just loved the natural look of this ribbon. 10 yards came on 5 cards for $25.00. http://www.etsy.com/listing/80539063/personalized-ribbon-10-yards-gift?ref=pr_shop I have also paid to have a cake topper made with Ken (fiance) leading me on a happy donkey. It will be a goofy addition, but it will match our personalities and our save the date (see my profile photo). I can't wait to see how it turns out! They sent me a rather extensive sheet of questions about the details we want included in the piece; their attention to detail makes me think that it is going to turn out AWESOME!! I think it is going to end up being around $150, as the first payment is the base and extra little things (flowers, etc.) cost more. I think it will be a laugh and a great keepsake! http://www.etsy.com/listing/77940330/large-custom-personalized-tree-stump
  10. Hi Mae4203/Everyone: 2. We rented the Bridal Suite for the night before the wedding, so we could get ready in a large room 3. We have 42 guests. 4. We are having a reception on the beach- I am hoping this is a private event, but the more, the merrier I guess Is anyone/has anyone booked any excursions? I have read a few reviews that mentioned that one of their favorite parts of the wedding was an excusion, be it a catamaran tour or something else. I was hoping to do this on Friday (our wedding is Saturday). MUSIC- Since we are on the beach, we just booked the reggae/steel drum band. They only play 2 sets of 45 minutes, so I am going to be looking for options to fill in when they are not playing. I am guessing the only inexpensive option is having an ipod, but this seems like a lot of work planning out which songs to play when. Any advice/decisions made on music, my lovely Azul brides? Merci Beaucoup!! Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Girls, Above are my bridesmaid dresses from weddingtonway.com and my beach dress I have no doubt that my wedding dress will be nice and cool for the beach on Dec. 17th, but the dresses are a bit thick so maybe ill opt for the girls to wear their hair up to cut down on heat stroke . I just couldn't pass up the great design and clean lines that will hopefully look great on the girls, as they all have different body types.
  12. Our save the dates!!! We are IN LOVE with them- they are postcards. We designed them with BTownBetty on etsy.
  13. Hi Everyone, We just out our Save the Dates!! I am getting married at Azul Beach on December 17, 2011. I was having a hard time deciding how to "market" our wedding to our guests, because I know that some will feel bad that they can't afford Mexico. We decided to do it like a "Choose your own adventure" (Like the old books), with two choices; one- the wedding in Mexico and two; the at-home reception. I Love how it turned out! It is pretty goofy and fun, like our personalities, and it was fun coming up with the concept. I found Julie Knight on ETSY - she was AWESOME to work with- she is found at BTownBetty on Etsy.com
  14. Hi Melissa (and other Azul brides)! I am so glad that you've decided to make a post for us. I am getting married at the Azul Beach Resort on December 17, 2011. My fiance and I live in Colorado- I live downtown and he lives in Louisville (incase anyone else is local). So far, I have made two style boards that I am hoping to use to design the wedding/weekend (see below). http://www.dessy.com/shareboard/?id=47556 http://www.dessy.com/shareboard/?id=47561 We almost have our STD's done, and I am now trying to finish my website. I have chosen to use dessy.com- have any of use finished your websites yet? I am excited to look into a cigar roller, the donkey bar, and maybe some excursions (I was told that we should use loma travel for excursions). I really wanted to incorporate a lot of local flowers, but thus far, I have heard that going to a market for flowers is off limits but I still want to try to go as local as possible for flowers. Are any of you going to be going to visit first? I hear that we can get a 30% discount. I would love it if we shared our ideas/tips/info with each other. Tonight, I am going to work on coming up with some fun Spanish phrases to post to my ¿Habla Español? section of my website. Tata!
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