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  1. That is sweet NikkiT. It would be nice if all resorts did that. LOL
  2. I am still early in the planning. Our wedding will be on June 16, 2012. If everyone is not confirmed (meaning their flights & hotel reservations) at least 60 days prior to the wedding, they will be automatically count as not attending. I will not get stressed out because people are being inconsiderate. I too am very happy to be a part of this forum.
  3. Beachbound, I agree with the 3 tiers opposed to the 2. Especially for picture purposes. The cake will stand out more. The higher the cake is the better. We are going to have a 3 tiers and put it on top of the styrofoam to give it more height. SUBMIT
  4. AfricanVenus, your cake is going to be gorgeous & delicious! Yummmyyyyy. :-)
  5. Nice dress Royalbride! You look great! What type of veil are you going to wear with it?
  6. We live in separate homes and always knew that the night before we were not going to stay together. I think it will be more exciting to do so after the wedding.
  7. I forgot to mentioned the vitamins- "Finest Prenatal Complete" I take one per day. Sometimes during breakfast or before bed.
  8. I am not sure what is going to happen. Like African Venus mentioned, whenever God decide for us to have a little one, that is when it's going to happen. As far as my assumption, I think my future Hubby will get me as soon as he gets a chance. I see how he interacts with his friends children LOL... Sooo I will be ready for whatever. Someone told me to take some prenatal vitamins because they are better than regular vitamins. So I have been taking them not only to ensure I have the right amount of nutrient in my body, but when that time comes, my body will be ready. One thing I know I can
  9. I know that you are far from NYC. I would suggest you check the jewelers in Diamond District in NY. I am sure they can help with anything that you're looking for. They have several stores so I am sure they can help you find something. Good luck with your search.
  10. Liz, this dress is GORGEEEEEOOOOUUUUS! Wow!!!! It is very Chic!!!! Keep us posted with pictures whe when you try it on.
  11. Tennyt, that is simply gorgeous. I'm going to wear a birdcage veil as well. Being that I wear my hair short, I'm going to let my hair grow just a little longer to ensure the birdcage veil stays on my head. But I must say that this look is very chic & elegant! If I wanted hair on my head, I would definitely go with that style.
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