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  1. I tipped our wedding coordinator $100 at the end of the reception. It was worth it and she worked her butt off. )
  2. JLR1726: I totally forgot the name of our DJ but it didn't matter he used every song off of my IPOD. I programed: Bridal Party Walk Out, Bride/Groom Walkout, First Dance etc. Than I put Dinner Music, Dance Music and when I wanted to slow it down, I asked him to play 2 country songs but everything ran smoothly. Our good friend announced everyone. We got the GOLD PACKAGE, included everything below. Well-worth it, we danced our butts off! we only had those 2 country songs the whole night. lol Hope this helps. 1 1 GOLD Package 8 1 LED Lights - 2 1 Tripods - 1 1 Console NSI - 1 1 Lot of Cables - 4 1 Self powered Speakers - 1 1 Audio Mixer 6 Channels - 1 1 Professional DJ - 1 1 DJ Equipment - 1 1 Wireless Microphone - 1 1 Set up & Strike
  3. Thanks coconoir1908! DiamondGirl: They send you Menus online. We did a pick and choose on the plated dinner. (I am pretty sure you can do a final change 10 days before the wedding) Salad: Mixed garden greens with mushrooms and raspberry vinagrette. Soup:Green asparagus cream with white wine (SO YUMMY) Main Course: Beef Filet duet with red wine & mushroom sauce. (meat was so tender and tasty) Dessert: chocolate dome filled with white and dark chocolate Thanks Jamie5280 ) krsmith: Chocolate on the first layer and vanilla on the next two. (3 layers) Our 45 guests ate the whole cake and loved it. )
  4. You have to go to Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort and click on Reviews. )
  5. Alright Ladies! I finally finished my REVIEW! I just posted it with a few pictures. ) I tried my best but I left my email at the end of the review if you ladies have any questions. ) Cheers!!! )
  6. Hello my fellow brides! I got back from my FABULOUS wedding at Moon Palace on Tuesday and I wish we were still there. ) I am waiting on my wedding photos that are coming in next week and than I will post my REVIEW. CHEERS! Nicole
  7. I have all of that information. What is your email and I will send you all of my information?
  8. I think they only post the events at Moon Palace and it always changes.
  9. You have to pay a set up fee of $65 and they can move your decorations from one spot to the next. So I am using chair sashes, table runners and 2 table top flowers and those are getting moved from the ceremony to the Reception. ) I am paying $65 twice, which is fine with me bc they are setting up both locations and I'm not having my family/friends doing it for me when they are suppose to be relaxing.
  10. I hope your wedding turns out great! I arrive on August 23. My wedding is on the 26th. )
  11. I am so sorry! That is awful. She should have been honest from the beginning. Maybe sell everything on Ebay to try and get some of your money back. ( My fiance had the same thing happen with one of his groomsman too. We didn't care if he couldn't make it, we were just hurt bc he told my fiance 6 months before the wedding also that he couldn't afford it and his wife's dad asked him to not take his daughter to Mexico. I don't understand why he still couldn't come, so they just took a trip to San Diego but he can't afford to attend our wedding which he knew about for a year. ( Oh well, people should just be honest from the start and just say the truth..That they can't come or plainly don't want to. The truth is always better.
  12. Don't stress! I am sure everything will go perfectly. Just go through the forms again and make a spreadsheet with all the extras that go with upgrading to the reception. Just pack up all your decorations, and make sure you write down everything for Lily. I did the same thing for Kalena and sent it to her so she knew how I wanted everything and I already knew how much things were going to cost me. )
  13. Have any past brides used the Violinist, I am having a hard time picking songs from the list they provided me. Can any of you send me your Ceremony song list? Thanks, Nicole nabreu7@hotmail.com
  14. You can use resort dollars for limo service, I think its close to $300. )
  15. Hey Ladies! UPDATE!!! So for the Tours, I guess they can only book the Lobster Dinner, Jungle Tour & Swim with the Dolphins early. Everything else has to be booked upon arrival. You can book the Spa/Golf Times ahead of time as well. Thanks, Nicole
  16. You can book the Vacation Dollar tours ahead of time but the Tours for Purchase, you can purchase when you get there. ) There are tons to choose from, pretty cool stuff. Cheers, Nicole
  17. Ladies! I just received all the tour information, tours that you can use resort dollars and others that are extra. What are your emails and I'll send them over. I am booking my tours now, so excited. :0)
  18. Ladies! Kalena finally contacted me but only gave me the info for 1 DJ company JSAV don't they have another one too, that is less expensive? Please help!
  19. Finally! Kalena contacted me last night right at our 60 days. So excited to start working with her! 59 days til our big day.
  20. I am in love with the new Chapel Garden photo, maybe our cocktail hour will work there. ) Thanks!
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