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  1. Hi! I have 25 white wrist key chains and 25 clear ID holders (vertical). I used these for my guests so they could carry their room keys and other items with them during their stay at the resort. I'm asking $25 for all of them. This includes shipping costs to anywhere in the United States. I will only except paypal. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  2. Wedding was on Saturday and he came back to the resort with the photos on Monday. Really quick!
  3. Hi! I booked Octavio for 4 hours. We didn't have a reception after the ceremony so we only used him for: getting ready, ceremony, family photos and bride/groom photos. We did a dinner at the restaurant that evening. The resort does say you have to buy a room for the night if you want to bring in an outside photographer...HOWEVER -- I basically just put him on my guest list and said that our guests were just taking pics and it was fine. I'm sure they noticed day of, but they didn't say anything. I figured it was better to say "oops" then pay for the 1 night up front. So I personally recommend that it's worth a try to just buy a day pass!
  4. To sell: I have 24 new, never opened Flip Flop Luggage Tags for sale. I ended up purchasing too many for my wedding and have an entire box left over. They each come int heir own gift box. Selling for $1.50 each. Would prefer to sell all of them to one person....but contact me either way. Entire box for $36...shipping free in the US! Thanks!
  5. Hi all! In the midst of all the planning...we are starting to accumulate a lot of stuff! I'm trying to clear out room (and my fiance would like me to get rid of stuff)!! I have a couple of things for sale: 2 Planning Books: -Destination Weddings for Dummies (retail $19.99) -The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings (retail $19.99) The DW for Dummies book has some creases in the cover but overall both books are basically like new. Asking for $20obo for both. 1 Wedding Planner: -Instant Wedding Planner by: Jennifer L. Shawn (retail $14.95) Asking $10obo for this planner. I wrote in pen on only two pages, but the book is like new otherwise! 1 Photo Album Set: BRAND NEW, STILL SEALED IN ORIGINAL PACKAGE It's a set of 3 mini albums. Each album holds 100 4x6 photos. Each album is a separate category -- they are "The Bridal Shower" "The Wedding Day" and "Honeymoon Memories". *asking $20obo PM me if you have any questions or are interested!
  6. Hi DiamondGirl, Sorry I haven't been back in awhile-- Valeria has been pretty decent! Yes, it does take her 1-2 weeks to respond to a question but she's been so nice and helpful with all of her answers when she does reply! I just make sure to include as many questions as possible in each email! I will post my questions here very soon!
  7. I didn't find them on either website if anyone knows where else I can look for them please let me know! so if there is a 1 inch platform and a four inch heel you still have a four inch shoe but the heel height won't seem so hard to walk in with the platform which is usually around the front part of the shoe so it's like walking in a 3 inch shoe with the platform....like this: see there's a one inch platform with a 4.5 inch heel.
  8. Congrats! Can't wait to see your review!
  9. how long does it usually take to get access to download attachments! I'm really excited that I reached 150 and still can't download
  10. This comb is gorgeous! thanks for sharing!
  11. I agree with this! I'm just adding the photographer to my list of "guests" and buying them a day pass.
  12. cgeris

    Bridesmaids Song???

    I think you should whatever your heart desires! No one is really going to notice if the songs "mesh" or not! Thanks for all the song ideas!
  13. cgeris

    Dancing with Dad!

    all of these are great ideas! thanks!
  14. cgeris

    Bouquet Toss song?

    that's really funny i like it!