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  1. Hey doll!! Did you move/update the link? It's no longer valid! :'(
  2. Elly, did you ever get a reply? If not, I'll send you the GBP Punta Cana info package. Let me know! Caleya
  3. Hey ladies! Definitely interested... we're getting married in PC at the GBP on April 4th & head down there March 24th. Would love to see the pics/talk costs etc, but can't get the thread link you posted to work!! :'( Can you email me the info?? bendegeitmastiffs@hotmail.com Thanks! Caleya
  4. Hey Lucy!! Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for the templates!! They've been most fabulously helpful!
  5. Hi Lucy! What I can see from Part one of the newsletter is absolutely amazing! We're getting married in PC April 4th, 2011 & I'm scrambling like CRAZY trying to get everything ready in time!!! FI asked me 3 weeks ago (about the same time we got the great news that our champion Mastiff is expecting a litter of pups!). Nothing like having lots of prep time! LOL Would you be willing to email them to me as well? bendegeitmastiffs@hotmail.com Thank you so so so so much!!!!! Caleya
  6. Amanda... AWESOME job!!! I've been driving my FI crazy trying to find all the info I need for our OOT bags & info packs for everyone. I notice you went to Punta Cana... did you just personalize the covers of the notebooks, or fill them full of info as well? Where did you get all of your info from??? Caleya
  7. Mary... I just bought my cardlholders on ebay - 30 of them for $12 including shipping to Alberta, Canada. Here's the link... http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250704259542&category=302&sspagename=rvireg:1:1 (seller's name win-mart). if the link doesn't work, just type in id card holders.
  8. LC... I've been lucky & have a bit of an "inside edge" for OTC stuff like that. From what I've heard though, www.minimus.biz is supposed to be really good for all that stuff!! Tylenol 2 packs are 0.39/each...
  9. Sarah, as far as I know, you hae to py duty also... if you do a search for "discountmugs" I'm sure you'll find tons of info!! I'm still trying to find a similar company here in Canada.
  10. If I can make a suggestion... individual packets of gatorade, or some other electrolyte replacement crystals would be a better (& cheaper) option. Maybe attach a couple of Tylenol to it & a little note saying "Too much fun in the sun & tequila in the belly, drink me before bed & you'll wake up feeling jolly!" or some other corny quote. IMHO, keeping it (hangover) from happening is better then trying to get rid of it. LOL
  11. Thanks!!! Never thought of looking in WalMart... we don't have a CVS where I live.
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