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  1. So, I'm a 2012 bride - we had difficulty getting pregnant, and had to see a fertility specialist. I ended up conceiving boy/girl twins (without the use of fertility meds!) who are due in September. Here's my blog: http://ttcbabyp.blogspot.com for anyone having TTC issues....
  2. To be honest, I never even thought about what happened with the vases after the wedding. The staff delivered all of the wedding flowers to our room, and we gave away centerpieces to other couple staying near us, lol. Maybe ask Marvin his thoughts?
  3. They didn't give us any issue... you just had to designate for the servers who was getting what. We had these for every guest, and the different beach themed stuff (sand dollar, sea horse, etc.) would indicate which meal they were getting. Also, I provided my WC with a seating chart (I made it in Powerpoint), so they knew who was getting what meal. I had a few people in our group get their hair and/or makeup done by the Spa and they all looked great. You can see pictures in my review.
  4. We did Chicken Casablanca stuffed with Seafood and Beef Filet with Herbs & Dijon sauce. I also had 1 Vegetarian meal, which was Linguine with Tomato Sauce. Our side was Carmelized Sweet Potatoes, and our salad was Spinach Souffle. Also, because I didn't want a dessert to be served in addition to our wedding cake, I asked if we could have a soup instead, which was fine - we got Princess Cream Soup. All of the food was really good and the guests enjoyed it all. Our cake was Tres Leches. I lovvvved it!
  5. I used Shutterfly. I did a black background book and would use their crop tool to create little peek-a-boo pictures... it was great. Fast processing and the finished product looked awesome!
  6. Ugh, it's just a shame that she chose now to really show how bad of a friend she is. Boo to her!
  7. I think it's 2 separate issues - a friendship that is fading and a new mom who may not want to leave her infant. I think she has shown that she isn't as committed to the friendship as you are by her actions over the past few years. I think prior to even finding out about her pregnancy, you probably could have concluded she wouldn't exactly be the best bridesmaid because she wasn't super involved in the friendship. As far as her pregnancy and the baby, I'm currently pregnant with twins, and up until this point - I could NEVER understand the issue people had with leaving their kids w
  8. Nope, we didn't really go over anything. When we met with our WC, she had told us specific times for things... like, that should meet with the guys (the groom, best man, and officiate) at a certain time and take them over to the gazebo. Then she said she would meet me in my room at a certain time to take me over to the gazebo with my dad and maid of honor. Honestly, we didn't need much more direction than that. When we got to the gazebo, she would tell us when to start walking, and that was really it. LOL.
  9. We didn't do a wedding rehearsal, but we told everyone to meet at the Tequila Bar at a certain time on their first night there (some of us had been there since Monday and most came in on Thursday). It ended up working out great for us because everyone did their own thing for dinner and then met there.
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