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  1. Im sure if you call The Royal they can give you more details. Honestly I was not paying attention, we just wanted to leave. As it is now guest at Gran Caribe can not go to The Royal, only guest who stay at The Royal can go to the Gran Caribe. We had a guest at The Gran Caribe in the best room they have ( they went with kids) and they were unable to come to The Royal only for the wedding 1/2 before and 1/2 hour after so we went to visit them one day. A sand ceremony is pretty simple- she said a few lines and we just poured sand into something I had brought. For those of you who have a smaller wedding and prefer a private reception in AC- and you might want to consider that it is hoot outside when your dancing. We had our wedding in the Real Club Lounge. Not all WC tell you about this wedding location, but it was amazing!! It has a terrace that over looks the bay side and we had our cocktail out there. Our wc did not tell us about it, I found it by looking through pictures on trip advisor. Id also suggest the Villas gazebo - its more private and NOT on top of the pool like the other gazebo- again not all wc tell you about that gazebo. Also go for the light up dance floor $700 very well spent!!!! I will say that their was one thing I was extremely disappointed with: we upgraded to a presidential suite when we got there. The day AFTER our wedding they called the room 4 times, I finally pick up the phone thinking one of our 30 guest was hurt (keep in mind this is now our honeymoon day ) and it was the front desk and they tell us we need to change rooms their has been a glitch! This is how they tell their guest they need to change rooms?? So I go down stairs demanding to speak to the manager instead Roxana Mota sits us down and tells us again shes so sorry they need our room- my husband nearly lost it, I cried and after 2 times coming back out to us all of the sudden it was OK - we can keep our room!!! Finally the manager comes our bc I was disgusted that's how they treat their guest who had 30 guest and just paid for a wedding!! He tells me it was suppose to be an optional move and offered us a bottle of champagne- hellooo that's included anytime you want it! He was cold and useless- I will also be writing this on trip advisor. THEN- for anyone who books on expedia or anywhere and you book the normal jr suite with one kig bed- they tell you they don't have it upon check in- you have to upgrade to oceanfront jr suite- BULLSHIT- they are ALL oceanfront. Granted only $10 more a day but still- a scam!!! That is my only complaint about this hotel!! The wedding was amazing tho- from start to finsh. Diana did an amazing job and never said no to anything I requested.
  2. No- we got married in NY and used a secular officiate in Meixco and had a symbolic ceremony. Basically they say the same thing as a minister it just isn't "legal". We also added a sand ceremony.
  3. We just got back from The Royal last night and we did one of those presentations to purchase what is similar to a time share and during this they do confirm that they have joined with Hyatt and will be rebranding The Royal, not the gran Caribe.
  4. I had my wedding last night...amazing!! Do not stress. I had Elsa and at first i annoyed with her. Any questions you may have ..call her. She was horrible with email. Thats the best way to deal with her
  5. We leave Wednesday and our wedding is Saturday...just looked at the weather...rain, rain and more rain!! We've been to Cancun 5 other times, ive never seen this amount of rain in the forecast
  6. HI ladies, So I just received and email that our on site coordinator will be Diana Rodríguez. Has anyone else had her?
  7. @ meowybells I actually did the patron bottles and got a tag made that says muchas gracias with our wedding date they actually look really neat. I got patron café for the women and silver patron for the men. Come to find out a few women will be prego and a few ppl don't drink..so I was thinking of something else, I thought hand painted maracas but I few those are redundant as well. So I thinking with what people love to do: eat. Starfish cookies and I'm going to add the sugar sand. http://www.etsy.com/listing/78570811/turquoise-starfish-beach-theme-wedding?ref=col_view Does this seem like a good idea? I wanted something unique.
  8. Im having a problem with wedding favors, anyone wanna share what they are doing?
  9. Your pictures look amazing, you looked beautiful! Thank you so much for posting them.
  10. Just made final payment...no problems at all and no 'hidden' fees
  11. @ LaurenandDaniel Im about to make my final payment, did you have any problems with the 'final' bill? Ive read that alot of brides did.
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