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  1. I understand completely the affordability part. I have been leaning toward the Maya Riviera/Cancun area myself. For those looking into this same area what resorts have you looked at? I looked at Karismas, Palace, Sandos, and Blue Bay. The resorts are all over the map lol but I just don't know if I have found the perfect one yet.
  2. Tlgnhci I love your invites. I was wondering how you plan on mailing them out so they get to the guests just as beautiful.
  3. Steph.Remax if you have a picture I would love to see it. Thank you so much. If you can just email it to me at Val81602@yahoo.com I would really appreciate it.
  4. For all the ladies who got married here did they have a wedding location that was not right on the beach?
  5. Hello Ladies I am so excited I found this thread and I thought I was the only one out here. :-) We are planning on June 2, 2012.
  6. H-Town  I found the post and am going to have to speak with them about it. I am luckily in the early stages of planning. I couldn't imagine not having the paperwork going to another country. I think I would flip. I assume you live in the Houston area because of the name. Do you mind if I ask who you used as a TA was it someone locally? I live in Houston as well. Thanks.
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