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  1. Here is another link that is helpful. http://www.mauiweddingnetwork.com/Unique_Services.html
  2. Thanks for the review. Do you have pictures? Would love to see some
  3. Opps Here is the link! Â Â http://mauiweddingplanning.weebly.com/
  4. Hey girls, Â I found this AMAZING maui planning blog link which I have found to be extremely helpful. Â Hope you do too! Â
  5. Hi everyone. Â Thought Id start a thread on Hawaiian traditions and customs that would be fun to intergrate into weddings. Â Would be helpful if you could all share hawaii traditions and customs that you are using for your wedding. Â I know Ill definitely have island flowers as well as hula dancers for entertainment. Â Ideas please! Â Â Â
  6. Hi all. Â I am a newbie to BDW and am trying to decide on a location for our wedding. Originally we were thinking Cabo mexico but are thinking now that we might like something a little more greener and an easier place to marry. Â However, we are definitely set on having a beach ceremony and would like to have guest seated during it. Is this possible? I know there have been legal restictions on public beaches but I was hoping you girls would be able to tell me where on Maui I could so such a ceremony. Â Our ideal location would be on a private beach where we dont have to worry about hotel guest overlooking the ceremony. Also any place that is close to an all inclusive would be ideal. We want to hold the whole event in one general area if possible! Â Any advice or update the the situation would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. This is such a unique and and special idea. well done you!
  8. Thanks for the heads-up girls. These people definitely seem very unprofessional and even worse...untrustworthy. Â
  9. Thanks for the pics Jerome, they really help visualize the venue. Very nice photography too!
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