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  1. Hi SeaPrincess, I am considering Playa Blanca for a wedding and was wondering how your trip was. Did you see any weddings during your stay? Would you recommend it? I'd love to hear any tips or info that you'd like to share!
  2. Great question BeautifulBrideAngela! I'd like to know that as well. Â Also, has anyone heard anything about the kids under 12 promotion not applying next year? When I spoke to a Wedding Coordinator about a month ago, she said that kids 12 and under were free in July when staying with a parent who's staying for at least 3 nights. However, when I asked the wedding coordinator that I was just assigned to, she said that the Vacation Dollars promotion replaced the kids for free one.
  3. Hi JR14! I would love to see the pics and wedding package prices as well. Can you send them to me as well when you have a second? My email address is ericamwatson@hotmail.com. Thanks a lot!
  4. That is wonderful! Thanks so much for the tip JR14!!
  5. I'm also planning on getting married in Panama in June 2011 so I'm so excited to have found a recent forum discussing Royal Decameron (I'm considering that one as well as Breezes). Â Can anyone recommend a great TA that specializes in Panama? CND_Redhead, I noticed that you are using Marlin Travel, however I'm in the USA (Maryland). I don't know if that makes much of a difference but I would defintiely prefer one that is in my area. Â Thanks so much!!
  6. I am so excited to have found this forum because I am also considering Royal Decameron in Panama for my June 2011 wedding (it's between that and Breezes Panama)! Can anyone offer any tips on the best way to get wedding pacakge info for Royal Decameron? They don't seem to have a direct website. Thanks so much!!
  7. Hello, I am so excited that I found this site!! I too am thinking about the Royal Decameron for a June 2011 wedding. One thing I was a little concerned about is the weather (I've heard that the rainy season is from May through November). Has anyone been to Panama in June? Â Another option I've been considering is Breezes. By chance, is there anyone else looking into Breezes as well?
  8. Hello! I am also considering Royal Decameron for a wedding in June. Steph 13 were you able to find any more information about the resort?
  9. Hi Kenaharmony, I'm thinking about Breezes Panama as well! By chance, were you able to find information/reviews? Did you decide on a resort?
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