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  1. What an amazing site to learn and plan for your dream wedding.
  2. We are going to do a ceremony at home before we leave. It just makes it easier, and people don't even know, and the vows that we exchange and the day that we have our wedding is what we are going to call our anniversary.
  3. OMG, I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. I am glad to have found this forum tho. Â February 4 - Sandra&Greg March 31 - Ella and Benji April 4 - cristina2011 (Cristina and Mark) - 4pm April 8 - LRohr (Lyndsey & Jeremy) April 14 - Luna81 Apirl 25 - AngelaVaradero - 2pm April 30-May7 - Ron & Mel May 1-8 - Janet and Larry JNL
  4. Laura, there is so much information on this site it is amazing! Congrats and happy planning.
  5. Welcome and happy planning. Take your time as you go through the posts....It can get overwhelming, but after you get the hang of it, so much fun. I am still discovering the forums myself. :)
  6. Christina2011, I sent you a PM about the photographer share! Â
  7. If you were getting married in Hawaii you can write Aloe-ha? *giggles* Â
  8. Oh, wow, these designs are great, are you using them for your OOT bags?
  9. I am a Calgary Bride!!! So glad to be here!
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