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  1. Like the others have said it's all about your priorities on your day , after all you are paying for this. My budget was 10k. Narrow down your destination and then search the different resorts and their wedding packages. The trick is to set your budget and stick to it . I learned quick how to be creative when it came to planning my wedding. Just ask yourself what do you want to splurge on your dress or do you want to splurge on a photographer. Happy planning.
  2. Jaime, My ceremony lasedt about 25 minutes at Sandals Montego Bay. The BB package does not come with decor.The extra add ons that you can add to the BB package like the arches should be in the wedding kit you will receive that has the prices for the add ons. Any extras that you add does have to be paid 60 days in advance , however when we met with the onsite wedding coordinator they gave us the book to go through to add any extras at that point but we didn't. I made a point to have everything paid for before the 60 day mark. You can bring your own deocr and there is a $250 setup fee, this fee may have changed since last year. I decided on a wedding site before we arrived at the resort bc I had read on here that the beach location was not very private and when we got there this was indeed true, plus I had asked for pictures from my WC of the different wedding locations at the reosort, and saw pictures from previous brides and videos which helped me decide on the location. My hair and makeup was done at the resort and I loved it. My hair was simple but I brought pictures for the stylist to see what I wanted. They use MAC cosmetics at thespa , which is what I wear anyway so I knew exactly what colors I needed as far as foundation and powder and I let the stylist handle the rest. Check out the facebook page called Fans Who Love Sandals Weddingmoons there may be some pics there from previous brides that were married at Sandals Royal Bahamiam. This site is a good source of info as well. They both helped me.Just keep in mind with Sandals there is a charge for everything. I'm not always on here so you can email me if you have any questions. taeedmond@yahoo.com. Happy planning!
  3. The OOT bags are a great idea as long as you include items that will definitely be used. We flew Delta to Jamaica and were allowed 2 luggages free each. So I had one suitcase that had all of my wedding/OOT bags items in it . We had 16 guests so I didn't really have a lot to pack. The OOT bags delivered to our guests rooms before they arrived and the resort charged a fee of $3.00 per bag for delivery. Our guests really appreciated the OOT bags. You can't go wrong with OOT bags!
  4. This is the best place to get information. on destination weddings. It helped me out a lot when I was planning my wedding. All of the brides here are more than happy to answer any questions you may have . Happy planning!
  5. Congrats to you! You will find this site very helpful there are lot of resorts out there. I would suggest setting a budget , make a list of how you vision your day, and decide on destination. All the brides here are more than happy to answer any questions you may have . Good luck!
  6. Zoe , as the other ladies have mentioned just be sure to ask your on site wedding coordinators, and let them know before hand when you meet with them that you will need help with your dress. The onsite WC's are so much more helpful than the ones you talk to over the phone. You will have a blast , I'm sure!
  7. The BB package is simple but still beautiful, it comes with your bouquet and flower for your hubby, and it only comes with one table that seats 8 , covers the cost for the 30 minuta cocktail reception of bride and groom plus 2 guest at no charge, after this it is $15 per person. I got married back in July and I still have the wedding kit that has a good bit of cost info in it . One thing to keep in mind about Sandals weddingmoons is that there is a cost for everything . Just PM me your email address and I'l lbe more than happy to send you what I have so you can brianstorm before you talk to your WC.You have until 60 days before your arrival date the the resort to pay for any extra wedidng ad ons so don't fell rushed to decide on something when you talk to your WC for the first time. Once you talk to your WC they will send you a wedding kit that will have the updated prices in it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. This site is a good source of info .
  8. Everything looks great! Your guest will be in aww! I wish I had the patience and creativity that you have for my wedding . I wish I could have done a little more of DIY projeects than I did.
  9. Depsite of some of the challenges you ran into it looks like you all had a great time and regardless of what happened you are married now. I think with any wedding you can expect something to go wrong or not as planned. Everything looked great! Congrats!
  10. I prefer all inclusive that way you don't have to worry about anything while your vacationing everything is already paid for and the only thing you need to do is relax and have fun.
  11. Have you booked your resort yet? If not once you book your resort and say that you will be getting married you will then be contacted by your assigned WC and this will be the person that you communnicate with by email ir phone during the wedding planning process.
  12. Ladies if you haven't already you may want to check out the Facebook page called Fans Who Love Sandals Weddingmoons group. It was helpful to me and the moderator specializes in Sandals Weedingmoons and there are also pictures from wedding as well . Hope this helps!
  13. We got pretty lucky on the extra tables with not having to pay for them or the wedding coordinators on site putting the fans on the seats before the wedding and the decor I had for the chairs we didn't get charged. There is a lot of information available but if you don't ask the right questions the wc's you talk to over the phone don't offer much or may not give you a direct answer. I got to the ppoint that if I had questions I would search here or on the Sandals Weddigmoon page. I would suggest using this site for information and search for the facebook page called Fans who love Sandals Weddingmoons, it was helpful to me plus you can see pics from previous bride's at just about all of the different Sandals resorts and it may give some ideas. It used to have reviews but they have changed that but you can still post questions . One thing I do regret and wish we could have afforded to do was bring our own professional photographer. Outside photographers are allowed but they have to be a guest and stay the minimum of 3 nights. Sandals photo packages are extremely expensive and I'll just say our engagement pics look much better in quality . However we did by a cd with a few shots from the wedding and we got lots of pics from our guests so we are happy. If I had to splurge on anything it would be bringing my own photographer, just a heads up. If you have any questions let me know or just PM me. Good luck!
  14. We went with the BB . We got married last July at the Sandals Montego Bay so the prices that I'm giving you are what they were at that time so they may have gone up. Once you talk with your WC they will let you send you a wedding kit which will have prices for extras and add on. I will warn you that the WC can be pushy from my experience. I'm sure you are aware if you stay at least 6 nights or more the BB is free. It includes the one table which only seats 8 people if you need additional tables it was $100 per each. For the flowers with the BB you can get magenta,white, or blue orchids. They have a flower brochure that you can ask for and see the different flowers they have to offer besides the flowers that come with the BB with a charge of course. We had 16 guests that all stayed at SMB if you have 20 guests you get a few extra perks.I had OOT bags that I made delivered to our guests room , it was $3 per room. I brought my own real touch flowers with me for the ceremony. I brought fans/programs that were placed on the seats at the wedding and decor for the chairs at the ceremony. We used the DJ which was $150 per hour and we had him for about an hour and a half. I brought a cd with songs that we picked out to be played for special moments. I brought my own cake topper. The setting for the tables at the reception were the orchid centerpeice and it looked nice. I brought my own sand ceremony kit and if you do dthe sand ceremony and bring your own kit it is $50 if you go with what they have it is $100. You can personalize the BB to fit your needs or what you like a little. They charge a $150 setup fee for this. Now, I prepaid for the DJ, sand ceremony ,spa appointment for my hair and makeup and that was it. The wedding coordinators on site were so nice and helpful. Our wedding day went by smoothly. The only hick up was it rained an hour before our wedding and it was puched back an hour, otherwise the backup plan was the chapel.
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