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  1. Hi fellow Canadian Brides! My name is Krista and I am from Invermere, BC. We are getting married at Dreams Tulum January 22, 2011. I am glad to say that we have my dress, his outfit (didn't want a suit) Tommy Bahamas shirt and pants. Now I need to be inspired on flowers. I am looking at doing personalized beach bags and hats for the friends that are joining us instead of OOT bags. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  2. Hello fellow January Brides! I can not believe that Jan 22, 2011 is only 4 months away. We have booked Dreams Tulum and just received word from the TA that 14 people have booked to join us! Looking for centerpiece idea's ... what are you doing?
  3. I would like to know the same thing. I have e-mailed the WC but still no response. We only have 16 people in our party so I just can't handle paying the $150 plus the per person charges to put a few things on the table when a friend is happy to do just that. Â
  4. Well, it's only 11 nights but good enough for me. Westjet vacations. We didn't get a group rate as we will only have 20 ish people going and they are from all across Canada so it didn't really work out for us. How many people do you have going with you? JBy the way my name is Krista and I am in Invermere.
  5. Hi Mckenziet, We are leaving Jan 17 and returning Jan 29 for 2210 per person. When is your special day? Ours is the 22nd :-)
  6. Thanks everyone for the information. I am happy to say that I found a company on the website "Cookie and Milk Designs" from Ontario that did my invitations as I didn't have the time. They turned out great and have mailed out I will post a photo of them this weekend.
  7. Thank you for this detailed review. You have made my decisions about what to do while we are at Dreams Tulum in January much easier.
  8. Hey Staci! Congratulations I am also getting married at Dreams Tulum in Jan. Have you booked your flights? We are going from Jan 17-29th.
  9. This is a fantastic idea! I am getting married Jan 22, 2011. I only need about 20 sashes maybe in a blue color... or something else that looks tropical.
  10. Hi Ladies, My name is Krista and I'm an Invermere, BC bride but I shop in Calgary. This forum is great. Thank for the wonderful tips on where to shop and the other great ideas. I am getting married at Dreams Tulum in January 2011.
  11. Hello fellow future brides! My name is Krista and I am getting married in January 2011 at Dreams Tulum. Now that the location has been selected it seems like there are sooo many things to do. First thing - I have to finish the boarding pass invitations but I am getting stumped with the wording for the accommodations and activities sheets. I have enjoyed looking at past boarding pass creations but most are just of the first page. Does anyone have any examples of their supplement pages of their invitations?
  12. Hi! Thanks for your wonderful detailed review of your experience. I really appreciated the attached photos as I just booked our wedding at this resort today. I am very excited and after reading what a great experience your had I am feeling much more relaxed ;-)
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