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  1. I wasn't clear in my previous post - the $130USD is to set up the tulle i.e. if you bring your own...
  2. hmlicos - The only decorations that are included are the white chair/table/arch cover (as stated in the guide). if you want tulle around the arch that is an extra $130 USD. To be honest we brought all of our own decorations. It was a bit of a hassle, but what the resort wants to charge you to rent theirs is far more expensive than you could find online. The decoration set up fee is much cheaper than renting table overlays for $18/table, or $4/napkin. I've attached a pic of the resort setting up our reception, the table center-pieces haven't been set up yet, but you get the idea. The extra colour does add something, but it is entirely up to you!
  3. I'm bringing down a picture matting to be signed by all our guests. Luckily FIs suitcase is large enough to fit it!
  4. L&A2010, well I'm glad it's not just me! The exclaimer was an excellent idea. I wasn't planning on doing programs, but maybe I will... We are writing our own vows, hopefully people will forget what came before!
  5. Thanks L&A2010 for posting the civil ceremony. There are parts that are a little harsh & seem a bit strange to me...perhaps something was lost in translation. “ marriage “, it says is the only legal and moral way to found a Family, to preserve mankind and avoid imperfections of the human being who are only able to obtain the perfection of the human race,
  6. AmyBoerema - how long are you at Dreams Tulum for? We arrive on the first as well! Our date is the 8th, & we leave on the 11th.
  7. I love the maracas! Such a cute idea (& definitely cheaper than luggage tags, which I'm doing...). I think I'm all done! Whoo! Well, I'm taking my dress in on Monday to have it taken in a bit, & I need to buy another bikini...but other than that! Congrats everybody!
  8. I hope everyone is ready! It'll be here before we know it! Finally got my planning form from the resort, things are starting to feel "official." Still need to get my dress taken in, luckily the "regular" wedding season is over! Good luck everyone! And CONGRATS!
  9. Congrats, & welcome! Don't sweat the small stuff, it will all fall into place
  10. Congrats LeNell, your pictures look awesome! Love your earrings!
  11. sstryker

    Calgary Brides!

    Boo - I made my own hair fascinator & it was totally easy using beads, feathers & 2 gardenia's from Michaels. Sorry not sure why the pic is sideways, but you get the idea!
  12. Ashleyciv,  Our original goal was $5000 too...oh well! Luckily my FI understands that even though we're still shelling out a good chunk of change, it is cheaper there than here. He's talked to a few friends who've gotten married and found out how much they've spent, and he can't believe it! And really in the end, even though you've got to consider travel costs on top of it all, we'll still get a week with friends and family not just one day   mimi73 - Don't feel obligated to tip, but in my experience tipping always gets you better service! We are going to tip our WC as well I'm going to make up one of my oot bags and give it to her. We will tip all the reception servers at least $20 each, and the WC $40 - $50.
  13. Ashleyciv, Â I guess you're right. I should try to get something for it...we are wanting to extend our reception by an hour instead of the cocktail hour maybe I can negotiate for this. Hmmmm...I wonder if I could have the cocktail hour at the reception site? It'll cost about the same to extend my reception as pay for the cocktail hour, but I'll get food with the cocktail hour... Â My total is about $6100USD, but I decided to splurge on some things because we received some unexpected help from our parents. About $8k total once I consider the stuff I've purchased to bring with us (including my dress, and his outfit...). Â I just keep telling myself that what I'm getting down there would cost me at least $25k up here. So it is still cheaper in the end.
  14. Ashelyciv  I don't know if they'd let you have the cocktail hour and not order extra snacks/booze for the extra people. I don't think so though, how do you tell people only 20 of them are allowed drinks? I don't think there would be any way to monitor that...  I don't know if i'd recommend leaving it till you get there, do you really want to have to deal with the stress while on vacation?  Aurora is suppose to be contacting me next month to really get down to the planning, & I want all of this stuff dealt with before we get there. All I want to do when we arrive is pass over my box of decorations, pick which bouquet I want and then relax by the pool! Oh ya, and get blood tests.