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  1. Hey everyone! I just wanted to post really quick about the amazing experience we had at Dreams PA! My hubs and I were married November 10th, 2010 at 3:00pm and it was an absolutely beautiful day! We had 21 guests and everything from the weather, to the food, the decorations and flowers was perfect! My WC was Jacy and although she is very busy lady, she did a fantastic job and everything was just how I wanted it! The food at the reception was AMAZING and we brought our own Bose sound system and IPOD with our own dinner and dancing music for the reception. We chose to have our reception at the outdoor location just adjacent to Oceana (the seafood resteraunt) and it was beautiful and private. I kept thinking to myself "this is just amazing- I cant believe I only paid what I paid!!!" (as a side note, one of my bridesmaids was married a year ago and planned her wedding over 2 very stressful years and spent ooodles of money and was not satisfied with her big day. Because of this, I did NOT in any way want to be stressed out and broke and not enjoy my wedding!). I had my hair and makeup done at the spa at Dreams- the spa was fantasitc and my husband and I also enjoyed a couples massage on the beach the day before the wedding. My hair was perfect and I was very happy that all my bridesmaids were happy with their updo's as well. We used the resort photographer and we were thrilled with the photos. We had photos taken of the two of us by the water and family photos taken as well. We had over 450 photos and they sold us a package with 75 prints and two CD's of every photo for $800. The photos were beautiful! This was one of my big worries heading to Dreams because I didn't want to lose the memory on crappy photos but they were great! The resort itself was fantastic- the food was great and you can order room service 24/7 (like at 3:00 am when you get home from the disco!!!). There was no shortage of activities going on and our entire group had a great time! Thanks to everyone on this site for all the great tips- I couldn't have planned my dream wedding without all of your helpful posts!!
  2. Wow! These are amazing! Thanks for the tip on the drawstring bags- I was having a hard time finding them for my wedding. I love the survivial kit- really cute stuff in there that your guests will use after the wedding too!
  3. jillianamy

    Cancun Key Card Holder!

    Just a question for anyone who made these key card holders- I am looking at the vertical card holders that are resealable and they look pretty small online. Do they only hold the room key or is there room for tip money for the pool?
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    I got some yesterday from "Windy City Novelties" and they are awesome! They were $33 for 24 (I only need one for each guest for the reception) and they are a good size and traditional! Also, I LOVE the colors! They come in sets of purple, blue, yellow and pink! Also, shipping was really fast and inexpensive! Â Here is the link: http://www.windycitynovelties.com/6811p/7-inch-genuine-hand-painted-mexican-gourd-maracas.html
  5. Hey Oscar_Ernie! Thanks for the invite! I'm totally gonna spy on your wedding! You must be getting so excited! I know I am! Only a little over 3 months for us!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by RobbieKarlene Thanks Klarson... What do people think of the upgrade? Is it worth the money? I'm thinking about going for the upgrade for part of our trip- we are going down on Saturday and the wedding is Wednesday (so maybe Tues through to the end of our trip). It would be nice to have the extra space to get all my bridesmaids and myself ready on the big day! I read on here that one bride had a fairly small number of guests and after the reception, the entire group went back to her suite and continued the party! That sounds like a fun idea!!! I haven't even talked to my WC about it yet so I'm not even sure if it's available but I think it would be worth the extra $ for us!
  7. I'm getting married November 10th at Dreams Puerto Aventuras! I'm really excited but I literally only started planning this wedding a month ago! So much to do in so little time! AHHHH! Congrats to everyone on this thread and happy planning (it's so much more fun than I thought it would be:)...)!!
  8. Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself- I'm Jillian from St Louis and my fiance and I are getting married at Dreams Puerto Aventuras on November 10th, 2010. My fiance and I have been engaged for 3 yrs and while we were on vacay in Puerto Viallarta in May we decided to come back to Mexico in November and get married! Yay! But holy cow! That's not alot of time to plan a wedding! A beach wedding is what I have always wanted- low key and intimate. So far we have 20 confirmed and invites have been sent. And that is it!!!! I have so much to do! I wanted to thank all the ladies on this thread for sharing SO much helpful info. It has really helped me to get organized and start planning what I have to do before the big day! Dreams looks gorgeous and Jacy has been really sweet- I am really looking forward to the big day!
  9. Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself- I'm from St Louis and planning a destination wedding at Dreams Puerto Aventuras in Riviera Maya, November 10th, 2010. This site has so much helpful info! Looking forward to meeting some of you on here and sharing helpful tips!