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  1. Ladies, good luck with the rest of your planning. Due to a serious health issue that has arised, we are moving our wedding back home (to either my hometown or his hometown)... If there are other Indian brides that have questions, PM me. I'll try to reply... but now I'm down to 4 months till my wedding and need to find a venue and start all over again!! Good luck, and thanks for all of your help!
  2. See my post above, unfortunately, they're the only ones I know of in the area... I'm bringing my own person to Cancun as a guest.
  3. I'm actually getting super nervous about November... it's just around the corner and over half of our guests haven't booked yet!! AND... I still have SO much to do!!!! Ahhhh... so nervous! But still SO excited!!
  4. I love the lime green + hot pink combo -- sooo pretty!! Too bad my FI isn't a huge pink fan, haha... I'll save it in my book of ideas for my best friends' weddings!!
  5. I just PM'd you my email! Did they let you book your tours in advance? Are you setting up group tours for your guests?
  6. Great question, I'm interested in this answer too. I heard that it costs $250 but what does that include?
  7. Also, just an FYI. We're doing an all vegetarian menu... which isn't a "standard offering" from MP. So my WC just informed me that we can mix & match veggie options from the different menus MP offers. That's great news for us! I thought I'd have to fight for an exception here because they don't typically let you mix and match menu... but no fight necessary!
  8. I would say ABSOLUTELY not. Especially because we're having an Indian wedding, there are so many vendors we need to have that most resorts don't even know about let alone provide! I'm getting married at the MP and we are bringing about 80% of our vendors with us as "guests" and they are staying to capture our entire 3 day event (incl photo, video, hair/makeup/mehndi, priest, live musicians, event coordinators, etc). The #1 reason we even chose MP is that they are allowing us to use an outside caterer because they themselves don't serve Indian food. Every other resort we talked to around Mexico and various Carribean islands said absolutely not to a caterer... so we moved on to the next resort and eventually found one that worked.
  9. Yeah, that's the plan! The other thing we're doing is... we have a LOT of events, and each event has its own icon on our invitation... so we're going to put the icon in the circle for each event's stationary/signs/program, etc... So everything will have the same motif around it, but the actual central icon will change for each event... hope that works out and isn't too much!
  10. Hi ladies, here's my logo! The floral/coral motif on the sides is our invitation motif... so it works out perfectly! I plan to use this on our OOT bags (maybe not our initials in the circle, we might put something else in it, like a starfish or something...). Then I have a few other ideas of where to put it... we'll see. Let me know what you think!
  11. I heard the Avery Iron-on isn't great. AND, it's not super cheap either. How many bags are you ordering? Here are a couple of site's I'm looking into and will likely end up getting my bags from: http://www.totallytotebags.com/ (from this site, I think we're going to go with the Mini Economy Tote -- I'm ordering samples this week). http://www.cheaptotes.com/ (from this site, we'd get the Cotton Canvas Bag). Both sites offer screen printing too. But clearly, the price for that depends on the number of colors you have -- the more colors = more expensive. For us, we have 3 colors in our scheme (eggplant purple, turquoise blue, and lime green)... so because it's so much to print all 3 colors, I've decided to only print 2 colors (the purple and blue) and i'm going to buy a lime green ribbon and tie it onto one of the handles on the bag to add that color in... Our bags are coming out to about $3-$4 each (which is a bit more than I wanted too, but I can't find a better price)... Quote: Originally Posted by rae12vb I did and for 20 bags it was coming out to be about $120. I thought that was a lot compared to what everyone else has been saying. Has anyone tried the Avery iron on sheets?
  12. We're actually keeping track of singles and pairing them up with other singles we think they'd get along with... but we don't have too many of these...
  13. Phew!! Glad everything worked out!! Congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures and hear all the details!!
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