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    Any Cayman Island brides out there?

    Hi all I am getting married at the Grand Old House in Grand Cayman on June 20, 2011! We are cruising on the Carnival Inspiration!
  2. Ur bouquet looks gorgeous! I have been debating whether or not to make my own! I am so afraid they will get ruined in the luggage!
  3. Kelli22

    Vista Print Sale!!!

    Thanks for the tip! I am def ordering some free stuff!
  4. Great pic! This is the first I heard of this idea but I really like! What future hubby wouldnt love this gift?!
  5. Kelli22


    Hi everyone! my name is Kelli Krueger and I am planning on getting married in June 2011!! I am currently planning our cruise wedding where we want to get married in the Bahamas, I am just looking for tips and suggestions from anyone who has been through this! Thanks kelli