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  1. Hi Anad1027 I have been researching Aruba Wedding Vendors for a little while. I've heard that Jennifer Croes-Veeris (JenniVe) is really good. If you read some reviews from past brides I've heard her recommended many times. How is the rest of your planning going?? Let us know who you end up selecting.
  2. Hi Ladies, Its finally booked!! We're getting married November 24th, 2012 on Renaissance Island!!! I've been creapin on this site for a while, and now its officially happening. This site is amazing - thank you to everyone who's posted so far. 12 months to go... I'll need to make one of those count down tickers!
  3. Congrats Beee !! I'm so glad you're having a BLAST! The resort really does sound amazing. We're all so excited for your photos - but get off the laptop and go enjoy your HONEYMOON! Â
  4. Thanks for the insights - I might have to designate some guests as photo police! hahaha  GREAT NEWS with sunquest - way to fight for it!! Honeymoon on top of Destination Wedding - how fantastic!!
  5. Hi Ladies,  I know I want a destination wedding and I've bounced around from St Lucia, to Riviera Maya, and now DR. I LOVE the look and reviews of DLR. My question is the beach ceremony. We are beach and ocean people so I want the ceremony to be on the beach. I read on someone's review that DLR was possibly making a 'private' beach area for ceremonies - has anyone heard anymore about this? I definitely don't want a topless european in my photos. While its not the end of the world - it would be nice for a private beach area to exist.  And this is totally random . . . but when I looked at St Lucia and Riviera Maya - the resorts had these beautiful four poled awnings. All the DR resorts I'm looking at seem to have a palm frond arch instead. Any idea if DLR has one of these?  example of awning thing http://budgetdreamweddings.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/beach-wedding.jpg   hermosahoops - great photo. I actually just took a hoola hoop exercise class on tuesday - it was soo much fun. Hopefully this will be one more trick to get the beach body ready for the big day!  Thanks all! ~Sera
  6. Congratulations!! So sorry to hear about the cruddy travel issues. But the pictures are amazing and all in all it looks like you had a great time. Thanks for posting the pics for the beach ceremony. I was beginning to think DLR wasn't for me because I didn't see many beach ceremony photos. Did you get to chose your beach location? Is there somewhere more private? Thank goodness your photog was able to crop out the strangers! Â Congrats again!
  7. Great Bags! I love the design - who did you use online? I don't think that $75 is unreasonable for such a fantastic result. I have been poking around for a wedding logo / design and trying to do it on the cheap. But II just need to bite the bullet and pay the $75 which seems like a standard rate. What was the deliverable - a jpg file? And did you use it on anything else? I am still in the beginning of planning and I thought I might use the Logo on Invites and STDs too.
  8. Good luck with the weather PinkPetals !! You'll be in our thoughts as the storm passes. Hopefully DLR will be unscathed. Anyway you slice it though - it'll be fantastic and wonderful because its everyone you love. Even if there is a hiccup because of the hurricane - it'll make the best story to tell your kids! Â
  9. I am in love with Purple and Orange!!! Is that what you decided on?? Â I want to go with these colors - but its really making things a little bit tougher for planning...Lots of beachy things that are readily available is in the light blue or the hot pink colors. Â For me - I think it really comes down to the shades of colors. I think that there are 'Tropical' purples that will really pop with the beautiful background. (African violet versus indigo) I'm having a hard time pulling in the orange other than the Bird of Paradise I want in my bouquet. But that color board that bizzyangel posted is AWESOME!
  10. Congratulations!!! Thanks so much for the GREAT review. DLR seems like a great location. The paper lanterns were gorgeous and the bonfire must have been so great for the guests. Â Congrats again!
  11. Wow that is a really interesting tidbit - Thanks so much for the heads up on the chocolate. So a combo of Real Tip and little gift would work nicely.
  12. Thanks for the great review - Good details. Glad it all worked out in the end. Congratulations!!
  13. Congratulations - I can't wait to read your review. I thank the stars that this forum is available for us to all "dish" on the venues and share each other's wedding stories! Â CONGRATS! Â ~Sera
  14. sera1124

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    Hi Everyone, I am also a Newbie to BDW. My name is Sera and my fiancee is Sean. We have not decided on a location or date yet but it WILL be a destination wedding. I've thought about St. Lucia, then Mexico, and now looking at the DR. I can't wait to keep up with everyone's activities. This site is a BLESSING for preplanning / planning / and support. Thanks All ~Sera
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