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  1. Thank you so much! Makes me feel better about 2 things! First--that you liked the resort...and second, your honeymoon agent that you loved (Jennifer at VIP Vacations) is my Destination wedding agent! SHE is awesome and my gosh, I never felt like she pushed me to the Azuls...she listened to what I wanted and that is all that mattered! Hooray! Thank you for your post!
  2. I used VIP too and Jennifer..but doing Riviera Maya...I just sent you a PM too!
  3. meredith--love your pictures. Did you think the kids felt like there was enough to do? We picked this resort for the kids that were coming and so far, we have only 2! I am even considering moving to El dorado Maroma but I think my mom will have a heart attack. Oh and I am using Jennifer at VIP too! I am so glad she came thru for you. Did you fly Delta? I was told bags were free on Delta and we thought that would be a great savings as my sister will split her bag with her hubby and that would give me another one for just extra's!
  4. I am a sensatori bride but heard there is a church here from my travel agent. My mom really wants a religious service and my TA told me we could do a private one in the chapel and then move the Azul..is this true?
  5. Just saw the new Martha Stewart Destination Wedding magazine for oct 2010. In it are these ideas for name cards that are really cool. These little bottles, with scrolls and sand and when you open it up they have the guests names and their seating! Totally adorable. I also saw shells with names and numbers on them. What are you all doing?
  6. hey ladies...you gals are great. So many fabulous ideas. Have had issues with Tiffany and then Kiara, but you all kept me very grounded. Is it really true that Cecile, Tiffany and Kiara have all left? What is going on there. I am dealing with Fabio now. He is good, but I can tell he is tired and over worked. My TA really helps pushing things and told me upfront that we can not expect speedy replies 6 months to a year out. Anyway, I just wondered if you all have looked at the special Destination Wedding Magazine that Martha Stewart puts out. They just realized their 2010 travel issue and the ideas are amazing (name cards in little bottles! I LOVE It) but more importantly, drum roll.... Martha Stewart listed my TA has her official destination wedding expert! I had no idea--Meredith you use her too (I think there are few other gals on here that sent me the initial info on her) SO thank you so much! Now what an added relief knowing how respected she is, maybe we will get some RESPECT when we get down there. Here is the link online to the magazine and article. http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/photogallery/destination-wedding-advice-from-a-travel-agent
  7. Hi! I just sent you a private message. I just had some bad experiences with a few of the TA's that are mentioned...but mentioned badly too! I just found mine to be wonderful. (so far, and yes, I haven't done much but reserve the spots for the wedding --sky too, and the reception). But, she was quick to get my date, my rate and my group locked in and never pressured me.
  8. We are getting married at the Azul Sensatori, then heading to an adults only resort in the Riviera Maya. We haven't quite decided which one, but are combining the travel time to have the wedding and honeymoon in the same 10 days!
  9.  I don't post often...I just take it all in! But being a newer poster, I thought I would answer Meli what I have found thus far. If you go thru many of these posts, you will see that pricing/options, and extra's can be negotiated and rates do change. Get all your info in writing as many of the WC change and it will serve as a back up. If you want the sky wedding, you better lock it in ahead of time as that sells out. AND if you know other locations --the ladies here are very helpful with advise, you should lock that in too. The GI's on the site...some I found to be very good, and others not so much. Ironically, the one I am using flat out told me that this day is about what makes me happy and she is an advocate for the bride and not the resort, so if Azul isn't going to be a good fit, then we can look eslewhere. I was stunned as that was the perfect answer so I booked with her! (oh and other girls on here are using her too, so that added to my confidence). What you will find is the GI's get some extra's for your wedding and a head's up on promotions and frankly, they know many people at the resort and the WC's so they can push for quicker answers. If you want my Gi's name and info, just send me an email  jesscampbell410@yahoo.com  Anyway---good luck. If you read thru these posts (and there are a lot of them) you will see the rollercoaster of emotions, from frustration to joy, to stress. It is surely a wild ride!
  10. Love The Christmas Tree shop! You would think with a name like that it would be a Christmas store. They do have Christmas stuff, but they have everything else there! Anything you can think of they have there! Totally check it out its awesome!
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