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  1. I had my wedding at the chapel in February of this year and the reception at the JW Marriott. I also had Diana who was very rude. My wedding coordinator, Andrea, who I was dealing with over the phone scheduled a meeting with Diana and didn't bother to tell me. When I was in Cancun, I got a message on my cell phone from Diana who said I was late for my meeting with her. I didn't even know who she was. I ran over to the Gran Caribe and apologized and told her I didn't know about this meeting. She looked at me as if she didn't believe me and them made some comment to me as if she had caught me in my lie. Very unprofessional. Gran Caribe also tried charging me $350 each for the videographer and photographer when I was told they qualified as one outside vendor together. They also tried charging me for the flower vendor because I changed the types of flowers I wanted but still used their vendor. I straightened most of this with them afterwards but still over paid $200. The JW Marriott however was wonderful. My wedding coordinator, Francisco, was very accomodating and professional. I loved the chapel at Gran Caribe but did not love putting up with Diana and Andrea. FYI, the JW Marriott also have a chapel if anyone is interested.
  2. I corresponded with her at that e-mail on Tuesday and booked her for February 5th. She had not received a previous e-mail I sent her two weeks prior so maybe her e-mail wasn't working very well.
  3. Does anyone know how to post .jpg pictures? I don't have any other way than to copy them to word. I know people just post them without attaching them but I don't know how to do that.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Vanessa C I can't open your pictures for some reason Is there any other way you can send them? I couldn't just upload them because they were jpg and the forum doesn't accept that format, so I had to copy and paste into word. Let me see if there's another way to just post them without putting them into a separate document.
  5. Is anyone concerned that it may be cold at night? We area going inside to a ballroom at 9:30 but I wonder if it gets cold before then.
  6. Here are some pictures of a recent site visit I did. I hope this works and helps. I tried to take 360 degree pictures so I could remember exactly how everything looked like and not just the view because the view is always awesome! Attachment 5255 Attachment 5256
  7. I just reached junior member status this morning but can't open attachments.
  8. I havent seen the movie but it's out on video now, I may watch it.
  9. I love all the TLC wedding shows!
  10. Did anyone see his interview with Vienna? He IS a fame whore and fake.
  11. I know everybody guessed it for years but I didn't want to believe it.
  12. He's so gross to me. I know it's his personal life but I can't help it.
  13. That guy is such a creep and she is so beautiful.
  14. It's so sad to see so many young actors dying.
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