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  1. Hello! Does anyone know how much the Spa charges for bridesmaids hair and makeup?? I am contemplating hiring an outside vendor... Pros and Cons??
  2. I am sooo behind as well! FI needs his tie but now I am thinking I don't want him to wear his suit and tie...I want to change his outfit. I guess that's not fair eh. lol Our father's need their outfits as well. Hmm. Ordered luggage tags from a printer here with our logo on TYVEK. Hopefully those come in soon - I am planning to mail them out before the trip. Shoes have been delivered TODAY!! Now I can get my dress altered. So excited. I also bought a thick bangel from Swarovski to wear...just need to find some earrings. Don't think I want to wear a necklance. Hmm...I am totally thinking out loud. Thank you for reading! Anyone joined theknot.com? Looks like they have lots of pictures you can see of different colored weddings in so many different places...verrrry kool! okay thats all for now good luck to all
  3. Hey Ladies, Â If any of you are looking for a good deal on bridal party/family/friends gifts for the wedding - head over to Sol Optix on 17th Ave. The owner will give you a really good deal (roughly 15% off) on most watches and sunglasses. And if he doesn't have what you are looking for he will order it too. Â I went there and I told him I was posting this on BDW - so mention BDW to him and he will take good care of you! Â The stores address is: 638B 17th Avenue SW (across from Western Canada High School) Let me know if you have any questions, and the owners name is ALY. Â
  4. So I think we have made a decision to have our MOH and BM at the legal ceremony with our parents. And then have a small dinner with all of us to celebrate and figure out all the little details for the wedding in Mexico. I can't waiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!! :):):):)
  5. Its your wedding day... how can she be upset about YOU not having a shower?! MIL's are sooooooooooooooooooo odd....I wonder if they say things to cause problems for their sons. Silently evil people.
  6. I have the exact same issue! Â nmurch - are you going to have your MOH and BM there? my MOH kinda invited herself...and I do want her there but then my bridesmaids will be upset that they weren't invited! Â ahhhh
  7. Dilara - your idea about the scrapbook is FANTASTIC! I feel bad about having shower for the reason that I don't want guests to have to buy me gifts because I don't need anything for the home. But I really like the idea of a scrapbook from the guests. Â Very very meaningful! Â
  8. good luck ladies...so sorry to hear about this horror story
  9. i have been having crazy dreams about the wedding as well.... The night before the wedding we are having a henna party, so all the ladies in the family get to have henna painted on them. I had a dream my henna was smudged allll over my hands and I couldn't take pictures so I had to wear gloves! Â oddddd. sooo oddd.
  10. update on my end...someone had the same wedding date and time booked as me. I emailed Claudia and she she responded saying she has 3pm available. So I went ahead and booked the 3pm slot even though my cards say 5pm. 3pm actually works out better because then we have some daylight to take pictures before the sun goes down around 5:30. Â
  11. Let's see how long it takes for the WC to respond! lol. I am going to Buffalo next weekend to pick up my dress I am finally getting excited...but still not enough.
  12. To all those looking to lose at least a little bit of weight or even tone up for the wedding... I joined this site www.sparkpeople.com You can enter your weight and height and your goal by a certain date. It will calculate how many calories you should be eating on a daily basis...and if you do excercise or not...it will calculate it all for you. Everyday you can record what you have eaten and everything's done for you. even if you want them to suggest a meal plan you can....but you can alter it to whatever you eat. If anyone tries it...let me know! I am really enjoying it.
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