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  1. I am interested in 10 if they are 2-3 and are natural color only. Thanks, Sara
  2. Great Post. Thank you everyone. The sunscreen surprizes me the most. I seem to always forget it or need more on vacation.
  3. Congrats! SunandSand. Thank you so much for the review and pictures. I got butterfly's looking at them. I am so excited that we selected this resort. Everyone's weddings have looked so beautiful. Another thing I've noticed is that every wedding looks unique to the couple. It seems like this resort offers many personailzed options.
  4. Thank you everyone for the weather feedback. Price will end up being the driving point. I want my family to be able to afford the trip. I wonder when the best prices for next spring become available? I am also hoping to be able to have our wedding around the 3 day rule. Do symbolic ceremonys follow the same guidelines. We are planning on a 3 or 4 day stay at DLR and then leaving for a cruise honeymoon. I am hoping to arrive on Wednesday have the ceremony Friday and leave on Sat or Sun. If I have too I'll arrive on Wednesday for a Sat wedding and leave Sun. I'm so glad I found this site. Everyone is so helpful and have great ideas. Sara
  5. Wow, There ae a few ladies who's weddings are just around the corner. That's so exciting. Enjoy every minute. Last weekend I got a little nervous because a co-worker mentioned the DR may be unstable due to being near Haiti. That freaked me out a little and I searched and explored other locations all weekend. In the end nothing compared to DLR in my mind and it helped us decide for sure that that is where we want to get married. This weekend I am working on budget. It's a little scary. I am frugal and want to not go overboard. Some of it depends on how many guests we have. I'm going to create budgets for all options. We are also trying to decide between April 2011 or May 2011. Is the weather in May a lot more risky? The price point seams to be much better. Sara
  6. You are welcome! St. Lucia is beautiful enjoy!
  7. I highly suggest Cosol Tours. My fiance and I were in St. Lucia on a cruise last fall. We took his tour which goes to many parts of St.lucia including sulpher springs. The best part is when you take a boat ride to the pitons and swim at the beach right in between. It was the most beautiful place I have ever been to. On the tour you also stop and taste some local foods and bread on the way back. He also has a beverage bus the follows you with plenty of rum punch, pitons beer, soda and water. He's a fun guy you would have a blast.
  8. I am leaning towards Aqua, Coral, Slate and White. The mood we are trying to achieve is tropical beach romance. We will have accents of palms, mother of pearl and aqua seaglass. Inspiration boards from Snippet and Ink. sara
  9. Hello Ladies, Over the past week I've read this entire thread. What an amazing amount of information you've shared. I am almost 100% sure that we will be getting married at DLR. My Pros: Affordable around 200 per night per couple (not inc. flight) Clean modern/tropical decor Semi private ceremony location near the water Size of resort is not too large Dining options with outside seating with a view of the water Wedding package options No wristbands No reservations Beautiful lush grounds, beach, rocky coast area Resort seems a little more unique visually Cons: Due to price point we would need to fly from Boston not Portland Due to price we weuld need to fly into SD Long ride from SD to LR We only plan on being there from a Wednesday and leave for a cruise on Sunday. Do to wedding stay requirements the wedding may have to be on Saturday and then we leave Sunday. I would like a Friday wedding. We are thinking about next April/May. I am leaning more towards the middle of May. I need to check into the weather. I'm trying to figure out what time of the day will be best. We want to have some pictures before the ceremony seeing eachother for the first time. Have the ceremony after with some family photos following and photos near the water around sunset. I'm curious what made you choose this resort and the time of day you selected. Thanks again, Sara
  10. Thank you ladies. I think I am going to switch to a BDW TA. It seems like that will be best. If it wasn't fo this site I would be lost. The reviews, pictures and information sharing is amazing.
  11. Thank You everyone for your welcome wishes. We are still in the process of the great location search. It's harder than I thought.
  12. Hello, I've been working with a very nice travel agent not connected to this site. The agency comes recommended from another wedding message forum. I've been looking into resorts for the past month or so. I am on a tight budget. I only want my guests to pay around 200 for two people per night. I also want a fair wedding package. Among other wishes in a resort. Everytime a mention intrest in a resort she comes back with a better suggestion. Which is always at a higher price point. I've been interested in Dreams resorts and currently love La Romana. The last time I mentioned a Dreams resort she said that Dreams has been giving more of a priority to larger wedding groups of over 25 people (my group will be under 20). That it's been very hard to secure a date with smaller groups because they are leaving the openings for the larger groups. I'm not sure if this is true or not. She suggested the two paradisus resorts. Which are beautiful but, the price is higher and the wedding packages and extras are more. I just don't know what to do. Do I push a resort she doesn't want to sell me? I'm afraid to tell her that I love DLR and want that resort regardless. Do I switch to a dreams specialist? I feel bad that she has worked with me. Any suggestions? Thank you, Sara
  13. Thank you for this post. I've contact Patricia and received information within three days. We would all love to see pictures.
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