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  1. Hi Sara, We already ordered the bags and we went with the two toned ones. Sorry. Good luck with your bags! Melissa
  2. Your bags are awesome! Hoping mine turn out that good! Thanks for sharing everything.
  3. These look great! Flipping images is a PAIN!!! Looks like you found a great way to keep the image clear!
  4. Not sure if we have Dollarrama's in the States =/ I've looked at a couple dollar stores around and haven't found any yet. I'll keep looking if no one wants to get these.
  5. I'm looking to place an order for these Mini Sewing Kits ($2.20 or less each). Anyone want to go in on it?!?!? http://www.pricewisefavors.com/sew-perfect-classic-houndstooth-sewing-kit-p-10732:b6a5a2ee39b1629e881ca63447792e2e.html Melissa
  6. BUMP: Looking to order in the next few days. Anyone else interested!?!??! Deciding between these in orange ( http://www.discountmugs.com/nc/tote-bags/2215/two-toned-color-stripe-jute-bags.htm ) or a neutral bag. One of these ( http://www.discountmugs.com/nc/tote-bags/2016/shopping-jute-bag.htm or http://www.discountmugs.com/nc/tote-bags/2012/large-jute-tote-bag.htm ). Let me know if you're interested. They will be ordered "BLANK" so the prices are in the $2-3 range per bag. Melissa
  7. I am getting married next month at Secrets Wild Orchid/St James in Montego Bay. Also, do to our budget, we were not able to visit this resort or Jamaica prior to our trip in November. If you remind me, I will give you a full report when we return in the middle of November. The wedding coordinators are Monica & Lisa Marie and are very nice and helpful. I would contact them to set up a meeting if you're looking for an ADULTS ONLY All inclusive. They just opening in March 2010 so there is not too much info yet, but they do have a very active facebook fan page. Looking forward to my trip next month. Best of luck on your search!
  8. Nevermind! LOL...I went back and saw the link in the first post!
  9. What did you search on Amazon to find them?
  10. Yeah, I wasn't planning on spending $5 each either, but I liked them, so I thought id add them. Looking to spend more like $2-3 each. I'm getting married this year...in just a months time! So, to make it work for everyone, I figured we'd have to get them blank or just put "Jamaica". However I think the other bride that said she was interested was getting married in Mexico...so maybe that wont work =/ I'm not sure how an iron on would work. Maybe we can call and ask!?!?1 I'm up for any color...so if you have a preference, that's fine.
  11. I think I really like the last bags. And if we get them blank, then we can order less than 500 (I called to find out!)
  12. I'm thinking on getting something plain; I don't know how we would come up with something that would work for everyone ordering. Here are links to a few that I've found...but willing to look into any totes you like. http://www.qualitylogoproducts.com/custom-totebags/jute-gift-totebag.htm# http://www.discountmugs.com/nc/tote-bags/2215/two-toned-color-stripe-jute-bags.htm http://www.discountmugs.com/nc/tote-bags/1196/jute-tote-bag.htm I like these next two, but they are more expensive. http://www.ideastage.com/Promotional-Products/Eco-Responsible-Hamptons-Laminated-natural-jute-fabric-tote-bag.aspx http://www.usimprints.com/store/promotional-totes-custom/product/jumbo-tm-shop-n-carry-all-tote/ Definitely also looking for something I can see everyone using again once they are home from the wedding! Let me know which one(s) you like the most.
  13. Hi Ladies... I am looking to share the cost and get a better rate on some OOT bags...anyone want to do the same?!?!? I am looking at either Jute Totes or a Canvas 'Boat' Tote. Most of the sites I have found have a 50 item minimum, and I need around 15. =/ Looking to order in the next week or so...let me know!
  14. I would LOVE to...I only need about 15 though =/ Were you thinking about getting a graphic on them? Cause, I'm getting married in Nov in Jamaica too! Maybe we can just put "Jamaica, November 2010" or something. I'm also fine with getting them blank. Let me know!
  15. Where did you get the "Clear plastic key card/tip holders"? These look like a great idea! Did your guests use them?
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