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  1. getting married next week! walking down to "Scarlet Begonias" by Grateful Dead....recessional song "Dreamland" by Bunny Wailer...first dance "Patience" by GNR
  2. PolarI69, would you be able to give the name of the dj you found and have you heard anything negative about the resorts dj or were you just looking for a better price?
  3. hey there...I think I'm going to get everyone one of them "Bubba" mugs for drinks. Also thought about putting a water-proof disp. camera in there as well.
  4. I am getting married next Feb on a friday. I wanted to have my reception @ the Seagrape but heard the resort has their beach party on fridays. Does anyone know if this would interfere with my reception?
  5. Anyone interested in a photographer for your wedding? I have a friend who is an AMAZING photographer coming to my wedding as a guest as well as my photographer. Here is a link to his site ((( NONFORMAT.ORG ))) wedding photography by Matthew Taplinger His work is very natural, in the moment, etc... I am so excited to have him as my photographer. He will be doing my wedding the 11th. So if anyone needs him for the 12th or so on, contact him. You will not be disappointed!
  6. I am going to give each guest a "bubba" mug and a disp water camera. I will bring these down with me. The mugs will be great for their drinks to keep them cold and bug/sand free.
  7. I'm going with purple and lime for decor. White linens with these colors to accent.
  8. Thank you for the review...getting married @ ROR in Feb 2011 and it makes feel good to read such positive reviews like yours. You looked gorgeous!!!!
  9. I was looking at alternative ceremony locations as well and came across tropicalweddingsjamaica.com They have some beautiful spots for the ceremony but unfortunately wasn't within my personal budget. I recommend checking it out though, I liked the 'tropical grande oceanfront' spot....gorgeous!!! You can request a quote on the website as well. Good Luck!!!!
  10. thanks guys...I think were gonna leave wedding at ROR, stay only a few nights, then go to Negril for honeymoon. Any suggestions on any cliff hotels (I want to stay away from an all-inclusive there)
  11. I am thinking about switching from ROR to somewhere in Negril. The more research I've been doing I think Negril is more my style than Ocho Rios. Now I have to find an all-inclusive for my guests. Any recommendations? Looking for a more intimate place that would include reception dinner as part of the all-inclusive pkg. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated. Thanks
  12. this is a great thread. I was thinking about the steel drum band for ceremony but I may now just pick some songs. Do you just bring them on cds and who plays them? Is this included?
  13. great review and pics. The lanterns were def a great idea! I am doing my reception on the beach so dont think theyd have anywhere to put them but I luv those.
  14. can any past brides share photos of their ROR ceremony and reception decor ideas? trying to brng as much as possible to keep things within budget. Thanks!
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