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  1. On the 1 day we were there--the most weddings in one day was 4. They appeared to be spread out in the day--I'm assuming the person who booked 1st got to pick their time. I didn't think it appeared to be overcrowed or impersonal. But..yes other guests at the hotel can watch your wedding from a distance. I thought it was kind of neat & fun to watch a few other weddings while we there. (again--not close up but from a distance) I also checked out the deocrations on the tables at another wedding--it's kind of fun to see them! My sister-in-laws wedding is on You tube if you'd like to watch it...the video on there is NOT EVEN CLOSE to as good as the video from the resort...I'm hoping she will put that up on youtube after the reception back home here in 2 weeks. The video is just from an uncle. If you can afford the resorts photography & video--DO IT. My sister-in-law & husband were very happy with both. On youtube.. search Dontje wedding The rehearsal & wedding are both on there
  2. Carinne~ We did walk off the resort--to the left..After Beaches, it was Couples Resort.than after that there were a few shops/bars (Tshirts & hats are a lot cheaper down there than the resort..for example my husband saved $10 on a hat buying it down at the local store) . Are there a lot of bars--no~not really but a few. We never did get to Margaritaville or Rick's. We were on a catamaran & stopped & watched the cliff jumpers for about 15 minutes. The bride & groom did go to Rick's after we all left..said it was fun but spendy. Beaches will take you to Margaritaville for free but you have to take a cab to go to Rick's. As to the right of the resort..I walked that way but not very far. Not much that way. But the beach/sand is AWESOME. I can guarantee you that. The water was so clear & blue & you could walk out pretty far. Are you taking children? I can tell you that it's a perfect resort for Families. And another couple stayed at Sandles in Negirl & they told me they really like Beaches..they thought there seemed more to do?! Let me know if you have any other ??'s.
  3. Hi Girls~ I just got back from Beaches Negril. I didn't get married there but I was the Matron of Honor. My sister-in-law did the basic white wedding package. She got married right on the Beach (absolutely beautiful) at 4 pm on a Thursday. Her's was the ONLY wedding that day...there were 2 on Friday & 4 on Saturday. She had a 1 hour private reception with just 1 table w/ chairs for basically the grandparents. (There were almost 40 of us) they knew most would be standing around--which was true. After the 1 hour reception we all headed over to the Beach Party--What a GREAT TIME. (they had reserved tables for us at the Beach party-not all together but we pushed a few together) Like the bride & groom said--they celebrated their wedding w/a few hundred strangers. 2 of the groomsmen went up & had them play a song for them & they got them up on stage. They had them do 1 slow dance & after that--they did the train... really was a super party! If you are open to celebrating w/ the resort & strangers--Thursday's are the perfect day. I have not seen the pictures or video (hopefully this weekend) but I know they are very happy with both!! Also-I had brought my ipod w/ music for the wedding--but they ended up using their coordinators--she set it all up & it was perfect. I can get her name if anyone needs/wants it. I know they were very happy with her. The staff is great there. Rehearsal we ate at the Mill...which was good...it was basically the only place that could hold/serve 40 people. The Seville is very nice-we ate their a different night. I'd hold Rehearsal there if your group is smaller & they will allow it. (it's Italian food) The Mill is good food--but that is where you eat the majority of your meals. (The only place to eat for Breakfast) Let me know if you have any other questions. I'd be happy to help. I know I did a lot of research before our trip. I want to be back there~it's a wonderful resort!!!
  4. Heather~ We also used the Daycare there twice. My daughter did great there both times but trust me it was HARD leaving her & I made Dad, Grandma check on her both times to make sure. I knew if I went in & she saw me ~ she'd want to go with me. It was nice to get her out of the sun for a bit those 2 days. I would have used it more--just didn't for some reason. 1 of the times when I went to pick her up there was a little girl just crying saying Mommy, Daddy--I wanted to go find her parents for her. But the staff is WONDERFUL... What we did was all went in the night before & let her play & get use to the girls/toys & that seemed to help a bit the next day when we took her. (Just a little advice that worked for us) Also~ if you are trying to decided if the Character Breakfast is worth it- DO IT. My daughter LOVED it... Yes she was scared at 1st of them--but the whole trip she wanted to follow them. I wasn't sure if it was worth the $50 for 4 people (we took my other 2 daughters 11 & 14) me & my husband.. and my 18 month old was free. We even bought the $30 framed picture... something we will always remember. If you have any other questions, please let me know. I did so much research on this place before we left & had so many questions so I'd be happy to help. Oh..1 other advice-bring more diapers than you think. I thought I had plenty & had to buy 2 at the Atlanta Airport to get us home. I had leftover swim diapers but not enough regular ones. Oh and bring extra sunscreen... the spray stuff is nice especially for touch ups & to get the top of heads--but goes QUICK. 2 couples that were with us ran out. I had brought 2 big tubes & 2 sprays--but again there was 5 of us..but both sprays were gone by the end of the week.
  5. Hi ~ I just got back from Beaches this past week & traveled with my 18 month old daughter..since she was under 2-she flew on my lap for free so we did not bring a car seat. She sat on our laps on the bus also. Was the bus ride safe? The ride there was a little bumpy & crazy but the ride on the way back to the airport seemed a lot better. Another couple we traveled with had a 2 year old & 4 year old & they didn't bring seats either. Depending on what bus you travel to the resort..I'm not sure how a car seat will fit?! We had 2 different buses-1 would work the other--not sure? I would somehow bring an umbrella or ANYTHING that would offer shade. Our daughter fell asleep 2 on the beach & it was hard to put her under a tree..but we tried to make shade for her w/ towels. A snap on umbrella would have been wonderful--if they make such a thing?!?! Or bring clothes pins to pin the towlels to the top of the chair..also a clothes pin would have been wonderful for our curtains in our room--seemed to not shut the entire way. Had a wonderful vacation & my sister in laws wedding there!
  6. I took an aerobic class at the Y at 5:30 this morning-I so wanted to sleep in BUT I went & always feel better when I go. It's just so hard sometimes to actually get up & GO!
  7. Amanda~I've tried to clink on your links & I just get taken back to the main page-do you know if I need to reach the 150 posts before I can check your links! Thanks for any info! Glad to have found you-you definitely have given some wonderful information!!!!
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    Thank you! Everyone is so nice on this board & I'm getting a lot of tips from reading other posts. It's a great site!! So I need 150 posts~before I can add any pics or anything, right?!?
  9. Quick question for you~did you have to use their photographer since you brought your own? Or did you decide to have 2 to get a lot of pictures?
  10. That is an awesome engagement story~ WOW!
  11. How did you do your flowers again. They are gorgeous!!!
  12. jeannajj


    Hey everyone: I'm the sister-in-law/maid of honor helping plan a wedding at Beaches Negril in March, 2011!:
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