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  1. Yes I rented the entire Palntation and you can decide if you want to use upstairs or downstairs. My ceremony was at 5pm then cocktail hour on the beach followed by reception at 6:30pm. I had the menu from the steakhouse and had iy buffet style so everyone can eat enough. They had steak, strimp, stuffed fish, and a seafood combination. Ill see if I can attach some reception photo's
  2. I feel like I have seen photo's of people using a mic. I hope we can use them because I have a lot of people coming and Im going to need it.
  3. Im getting married at 5pm on July 2nd. Kiesha told me I should try to take some photos with my bridal party and my mom before the cremony. She said after the ceremony I should only have photo's with my husband and family photos. My photographer works with an assistant therefore he would have taken all the photos of the groom and his groomsmen. Kiesha says I have more than enough time so Im guessing so should you.
  4. I am using Marcia Roberts as a photographer and I have seen great reviews about her on the site. What she told me is that we can do one of two things. I can get day guess passes for her, the assistant photographer, and the videographer which will cost me $150 the down side to that she is can not come on the property until a hour before the ceremony therefore she wouldnt be able to take photo's of me getting ready. The other otion is I can pay for the three of them to stay overnight and she will take photos from the time im getting ready and while my fiance is getting ready because the assistant photag will be with him. She stays until after the reception is over at 10:30pm. My fear is the dinner starting lat in the plantation because I am having a reception in there from 6:30- 10:30 and I want to maximize my PARTY time because I have over 60 guest confirmed. Is their anyway around this dinner being extremely late.
  5. Hey does anyone have the DJ's email I would love to reach out before the day of my wedding. Also how was the food in the plantation?
  6. Hey Im getting married on July 2nd 2011. I was quoted $150 for the DJ by Chandlyn so Keisha told me to bring my emails and the price will be upheld. I have 57 guest book and counting still so Im having a private reception. I wanted to know if you have any idea of how they set up the plantation and how was the food. Lastly what would you rate the DJ
  7. Hey , For Flowers im using Shang-rila florist. They are vendors of ROR now so there is no vendor's fee. Also I just got quoted from them 9.50 for chair covers and sashes and the white chair are suppose to be free key word suppose to be. I will bring CD's just in case because I do want my wedding to be memorable. I am having issues with hair. I have been reffered to an outside makeup artist but I want hair thet is wow. I mean I know the resot does hair but I dont know if is is like wow hair. Any ideas:?
  8. Hey ladies I am getting married at RUI OCHO Rios July 2nd at 5pm. With the price changes I agree that everyone should carry their emails. Because I am working with a TA and she has been booking my guest and dealing with ROR for me. But when I originally began booking my wedding I was doing it alone so I had emails from the old WC Chandlyn. My TA and I wanted to make sure that the new WC Keisha and us were on the same page. So we sent her the email about getting our day passes for our guest for $50 which was our biggest struggle with the ROR WC but my TA emailed the main RUI headquarters and it was approved and Keisha sent a confirmation that all my guest passes for the day will only be $50. Then we were quoted $150 for the DJ and now its $250 but again the emails came in handy and the price is going to be $150. Lastly times are being shifted around so I would advise every bride to check their wedding times. MY wedding was suppose to be scheduled for 5pm and when the TA contacted the ROR they said it was scheduled for 3pm but because I had my emails they changed it back to 5pm. I want it at 5pm so that every thinh can flow smoothly. Wedding ceremony @ 5pm done at about 5:30 which is when ill take pictures and guest wi;; have cocktails and hors' d ourves, then reception starts at 6:30 in the plantation form 6:30- 10:30pm. Questions Do we get to meet with the DJ before the wedding to discuss music? The white folding chairs are theyh free because I heard they use to charge for those? Does anyone know the cost of chair covers and sashes? Where do the guest have hors'd ouvers on the beach on in the plantation?
  9. Yummy speak to Katie because Heather arranged for me to have the rehersal dinner at St. Ann's because its bigger and I have like between 80-100 people coming
  10. Hey guys I am gettin married July 2nd 2011. I have booked my wedding and I have booked my suite already. I am working with Elite Travel. They have been working with ROR since they opened and the gave me pre-published rates. I even have the ability to get a price match if I find that suite for cheaper on a site like expedia. Slso my guest and begin booking through her. Also the suites are beautiful it just depends what you want to look at. A garden or the beach? I love the garden so that was my choice.
  11. Hey I am getting married July 2nd' 2011 at ROR. I am working with Elite Travel agency/ planners. They have been doing weddings at the RUI since they opened. She was able to organize the rehersal dinner with Chandlyn for all of my guest at St. Ann's insted of Mammee Bay for all my guest. I have about 90 people coming. Since I have been working with them I have gotten my answer from Chandlyn quickly. I am having a poolside reception and all the planning has been going so well. Guess what they charge nothing I said NOTHING for their services. My advise would be to ask Chandlyn about using St. Ann's or use Elite
  12. Hey My name is Edrick also known as HeavenlyBride. Im getting Married at ROR on July 2nd 2011. Im getting married on the Beach and my ceremony time is 4pm
  13. This is a review of:

    RIU Ocho Rios All Inclusive

    My July Beautiful Wedding

    Pros: Beautiful Hotel and Service
    Cons: Kiesha sucked
    Very long Review   My Husband and I were married at RUI Ocho Rios on July 2, 2011. It was absolutely beautiful.     A Photo of My 17 Bridesmaids and MAid and Matron of Honor. Huge wedding party. I hear it the biggest the RUI has had I made history lol     The Husband and I completing an African American Tradition of Jumping the Broom     Above is all the wonderful men in our wedding party.   Above is a picture with my princess and I kiss
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