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  1. Ive been in discussions with Maria but still not sure. They are pricing high but have the most amazing wedding day setups have seen yet. We are already hotel booked but found this and were so wowed by it thinkning about a more private wedding here. I have alot of information if you want me to send over. Are you considering this resort. It is amazing if you can work them down on price...
  2. Im looking for a great photographer and videographer in the d.r. Im getting mixed reviews and get nervous about not bringing one from home but the cost to do so. Any D.R. brides out there that loved there photographer and videogrpaher. Thanks for the unput.
  3. Any iberostar grand bavaro brides out there? Looking for feedback on a few areas. Thanks Christy
  4. Thank you I will look over it now! Good choice on your hotel for your wedding. That is where my fiance and I got engaged! WE LOVEDDD IT! If you need any info. on this resort let me know. Its a fabulous choice! Christy
  5. Have you had any luck? Im trying to locate the same thing for a wedidng in January. I want pictures and they dont have alot yet or the wedding coordinators do not. I love the resort but need more info. for the wedding day. LEt me know if you found anything in search! thanks
  6. There is an english speaking priest if you want a catholic ceremony. If so let me know and ill find his information.
  7. I agree. Im waiting on the final rates to post on this resort next week/charters.etc So I have a tentative wedding date of 1/11/2011 and want to do it at paradisus pr. I have a call with a wedding coordinator on monday to answer all my questions b/c I have been tossed around a bit. She is based out of CANADA? WHAT? Weird! Why am I talking to someone out of Cananda about the wedding info. I have many quesitons too on the terrace vs. the gabi club. My number 1 reception location is the gabi restaurant club but realized they want to add a 25% tax on top of the reception location and think that is insane. Is anyone able to negotiate that price? We are having 65-70 guests and I know that placed holds double. WAnt to see if that os workable as I love the gabii restaurant but feel the price is high. Let me know what the terrace give you if you dont mind. Im trying to decide as well on reception options/prices etc. This resort prices out higher on the wdding side I feel like. Thanks
  8. THe Paradisus and Iberostar and Excellence are on my list too. Im having a call with the wedding coordinator on monday at the paradisus to do some more digging before I finalize. I have heard this resort shows really nice. Im loving the ppr but not sure my guests can afford it. Going to do some more digging into the PPC as well. Any feedback from brdies on PPC? Thanks
  9. Good day brides to be. HELP! Im trying to get decide between these amazing resorts. Waiting on rates for 2011 but my date is 1/11/2011 so getting close so hoping to get save the dates out soon. WE have 60 plus adults, no kids coming but still drawn to the PPR. Can someone tell me if there are alog of activities for adults at this resort? The royal section prices HIGH so not sure I want to make my guests pay that. Seeing what sort of adult activities they provide? Nightlife? Same for the iberostar and Secrets. I just found the Cap CAna and fell in love with it but seems to price high. I think my taste is on the high side but want a great resort. Any feedback on these resorts. We have a great fun group coming. Wanting a resort that offers a great reception location. WE are considering getting married off the resorts at the beautiful catcholic church about 20 min. away. Wanted the reception at Gabi Beach club at the PPR but they are insane for what they want for that. Wish it was negotiable. Anyways any other d.r. brides out there looking at these resorts or previous ladies who have advise? Thanks and congrats all you new brides out there and newly married! Christy
  10. Im in the same boat. Anxiously awaiting rates so we can make decisions. IM getting anxious as our my friends and family. The suspense is killing me.
  11. Looking for a catholic church for our destination wedding. The pictures of this are beautiful. Im concerned though leaving the resort for the church. Wanted feedback. Thanks
  12. I was worried about the same thing. I was looking at the El dorado and all the wedding pics they show online or with TA have those in the back ground...
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