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  1. Thanks for this info. Hopefully, the 2011 won't increase too much!
  2. Beautiful!!! I wonder how much it would cost for say 20 people.
  3. I am so sorry to hear this! I am sure no matter where your wedding takes place it will be beautiful!
  4. Nooo!! This will defintely make me break my diet! LOL...I love the pics. I have a ways to go but I am going with the free wedding cake at ROR and probably some sort of cupcake tier thingy for my AHR.
  5. Hello, Do I have to send out invite sto everyone that I plan on sending reception invites to? I am trying to cut down cost and some of the people listed on my guest list I know will not attend the wedding in Jamaica but will definetly come to the AHR. What are your thoughts
  6. I am a little stressed about the whole invite thing myself. I don't intend to invite everyone to Jaimaca but plan on inviting everyone to my AHR. I think i will send save the dates for those I want to attend the ceremony and just formal invitations for those I want to attend the reception 2 months prior... does that sound ok? Or do you think I should just send it to everyone?
  7. Not confirmed yet but we are shooting for APril 9, 2011 at ROR!
  8. Excellent...I am not getting married until 2011 so I am sure the price will go up but this is EXCELLENT info! Thx!
  9. After reading your review I am really set on ROR. Thank you and Congrats!
  10. Congrats! I actually just made a switch myself; from Iberostar Beach to ROR!
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