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  1. I have to add that I had my wedding on May 21st after Lauren....You will not be disappointed in Our Lucaya! I will write more later but we couldn't have had a more beautiful and fun weekend!
  2. Anyway to post the pics so we can all see it?? Looking for some great ideas just not up to my "points" yet
  3. I have to admit I hate the post rule....I can't even see it to see if I like it...though I'm sure they are beautiful. Guess I will still have to plug away. Just stinks because I don't have a lot of time with work...hmmmm
  4. Super Super cute! Thanks for the great idea! Jen
  5. Great planning....your who design is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing and congrats!
  6. Amazing planning thread! So many pics I couldn't stop looking. Thanks for the great ideas and congrats on the big day!
  7. Everything is beautiful! Your resort is pure heaven! Congrats
  8. Love the pictures and planning thread. Totally AWESOME! CONGRATS!!!!! You worked really hard and it sure has paid off! Congrats
  9. Congrats! Love the colors and OOT bags....great inspiration!
  10. Congrats!!!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world.
  11. Wow I feel so bad I haven't been on here in forever! Regarding Radisson, Reef village blah blah blah.....it is ALL the same resort. I went there in March for a site visit. It use to be Westin, Sheraton etc but now is under one corporation name "Our Lucaya" that kept the Radisson name. So how it works is Faye Knowles (who is back to Faye Hunt)....talks price and basically is your contract woman. Once you sign then you get assigned a wedding coordinator (mine is Laurel) and then communication goes MUCH smoother. The resort is now under one name "Our Lucaya" but is kind of 3 resorts right next to eachother (not disjointed at all). Though it is one company now the 3 "areas/resorts" have different price points to stay in but once you stay at one resort you have access to EVERYTHING. If looking at the beach...the one to the left is called lanai suites...it is the "higher end" resort much quieter and less tourists, in the middle is called breaker cay (the big white building) it is mid price point but where most of the action is, then there is reef village which is the most affordable and where most people stay. My guests are staying at reef village mostly while my parents and I (us) will be at breakers cay (with the wedding night at lanai suites). So as I said before it doesn't matter where you stay because you can use any part of the resort...you can go to the infinity pool by the lanai suites, eat at chop circle by breakers cay or ANY area of the LONG beach. I chose Our Lucaya because it has a price point and an area for everyone to be entertained (even a kids area near reef village). Not to mention it is across the street from the market for shopping. In addition my FI is a HUGE golfer and Our Lucaya has 2 courses that are discounted if you stay there. So in summary...don't be nervous! Its a beautiful place...I'll write another review after my wedding in May!!! Hope this helps!
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