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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by jmb0902 Sunbride-- I definitely will! I am working on my planning thread (which I may not get done before I leave... it's SO long!) and I will be writing a detailed review. This site has helped me so much, I owe it to you guys! Do you happen to know the answer to my relax/adult pool question from earlier? Thanks! I dont know Natalia didnt mention that to me but she told you so who knows. How long ago did you send her that question?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by msglave These kits are great! Thanks for sharing! Can someone email me the template at cmagana77@yahoo.com. I dont have enough points to open it. Thanks.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by avagrace Hi girls, Quick question. I am bringing chair sashes, table runners and candles for the reception, and Aurora just sent me an email saying it would cost $2/person for them to set this up for us. Has this been the case with past brides too? We have 26 guests so I realize this isn't a ton of money, but I just hadn't heard about this before. They did tell me it would cost $150 to set up paper lanterns. But, I've never heard of the $2/person. Where are you ordering your sashes from?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by krista.baird Hi Tisha, I saw that you are getting married July 2010, do you have your date picked yet? I'm getting married July 10, 2010 at 3pm. I'm going to have a big wedding too - 30-40 guests! I'm still deciding between beach and dolphin pool for reception, as they are both beautiful locations. As for the ipod, they have a docking station/speaker system, but they charge for it twice. This is what I was quoted by Aurora: The cost for the sound system is $165 usd only for the ceremony per 30 min. and if you want to use the sound system for the reception you have to pay $ 240 usd per 3 hours. As for a bar that is close to the beach, I'm not sure, we'll have to get info from past brides on that one I sent an email asking if there would be an extra charge if I wanted to use the sound system during cocktail hour if I pay the $150 for the ceremony. I am getting married in the chapel and am having coctail hour outside of the chapel so I dont think it would be a big deal relocating it. Has anyone not had music during cocktail hour? I hired an outside DJ for the reception.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jmb0902 I'm not going to really "decide" on a location b/c there are 3 of us that day *ugh*. I'm just going to do decorations and everything that could work at any of them I guess... I don't want to be disappointed! I wonder who the 3rd bride is and where her ceremony/reception will be. I also emailed Natalia about the silver menu. I wanted to know if I could give my guests more than one option. She said No, we must pick one. I was hoping they could chose between at least two main courses. Does anyone know what the price is for childern? For the silver menu it is $55 per person but I assuming children would be different since they arent drinking and will be eating less.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by lolosmama This is in conjunction with the free package. Are you using the Dreams of Love or Ultimate package? I don't think you have to pay extra for an outdoor reception with either of those. Okay, I am having the Dreams of Love Package.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by lolosmama It is all so confusing!! Landy's email to me back in February said: IN RELATION WITH YOUR QUESTION PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWER Advise if dinner is available on the beach or poolside for 30-40 guests? THERE IS AND EXTRA CHARGE OF 750 USD PER EVENT, BECAUSE THERE IS NOT INCLUDED THIS FEE IN THE PACAKGE FOR SET UP Advise if pricing is correct (10 ppl free, $20/person for additional 20-30 guests)? NO, THE 20 USD PER PERSON PLUS SERVICE AND TAX, WOULD BE FOR EACH PEOPLE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A SET MENU AND JUST PAY THE 20 USD PER PERSON THE OPTION CAN BE AT THE BALLROOM BUT IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE IT OUTSIDE THERE IS AN EXTRA FEE 750 USD FOR SET UP PLUS THE 20 USD PER PERSON Kind regards Landy Cahum Reyes Coordinadora de Bodas Dreams Tulum Resorts & Spa Tel.: 011(52) 984 -, Fax: 011(52) 984 - weddings@dreamstulum.com.mx Dreams Resorts & Spas: Unlimited Luxury That's confusing. Because I was told from day 1 that there was not a $750 charge to have your reception at the pool. However, there was a charge to have it el patio and seaside grill.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jmb0902 Quick question-- Does anyone know what this $20 pp menu for the receptions is like? Like what your choices are? I can't find it in the guide or anywhere... thanks! I'm confused about a couple of things too. They sent me an email responding that i could only use the $20 menu if I had the reception at one of the resturants. From the email, it sounded like that wasnt an option if you wanted to have a reception at the pool. I dont know.....JoAnn have you decided on a reception location yet?
  9. hey everyone, I got my tote bags from Vistaprint this weekend. They did a great job. I'd recommend checking them out.
  10. Thanks Shannon. What color blue were those chair sashes? I emailed Natalia about the table linens and she told me they only had organza and razo (not sure what that is). Was youra razo? Did you have any problems with custom? Thanks, Carmen Quote: Originally Posted by sdtooley The cylinder vases were provided by the resort. We also used the sashes from the resort. We were going to get our own sashes to take down with us but we already had 14 suitcases as it was and couldn't worry about putting one more thing in.
  11. You look awesome. Congratulations! One more question, did you use their chair sashes or did you bring your own? Quote: Originally Posted by sdtooley Thanks everyone! We really did have an amazing time! The ceremony was on the beach by the seaside grille, the cocktail hour was on the lobby terrace and the reception was at the seaside griile. We brought down the majority of the decorations: Candle holders (the shell ones) were from zgalleri, We tool woven brown bead placemants to put under all of the cnterpieces (from target) The blue paper around the vases were from. Mihaelscraft store and Anabel just glued them on for us, we brought down the paper flowers to hang from the ceiling, and we had maracas hand painted by midhka designs in Mexico. I think I answered all of the questions
  12. What size lanterns did you use? Quote: Originally Posted by rachelannmartin The lights around the palm trees were provided by DT (no charge). We brought the lanters with us (simply went to Chinatown and bought them for $2 a piece). We made the lights for the lanterns with the instructions from this site and bought the components on ebay. Soooo easy to make and soooooo much cheaper than buying premade lanterns! LED Throwies Here are a few more pics of our dance "floor" again, I wouldn't change a thing! DT positioned some of the lights from the Seaside Grill that provided some additional spot lighting as well. Sorry about the quality of the photos they were taken with my brother's blackberry..but they give you an idea.
  13. That's true. I just wanted to make sure it was at least close. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyandRich Carmen- In Mexico, I don't think they always get English spelling and grammar 100%. If you end up with a typo on your menu, it will be more authentic!!
  14. Now that I've analyzed this a little more there are some grammatical errors and some of it just doesnt make sense. Quote: Originally Posted by carmen2009 Menu Question: There are some typos in silver menu (ex. mozzarella cheese spelled wrong). Has anyone received confirmation of the menu? I'd like to have menus made but want to confirm that info below is correct. Is it Vol au Vent or Voul au vant (old guide and new guide spell it differently)? Appetizers Spicy chicken wings with carrots Vol au Vent filled with mushrooms gratinated with mozzarella cheese Azteca fried tortilla with shrimps and cream Salads Caesar Salad with blackened chicken Grilled vegetables with a aged Balsamic Vinegar Mixed Salad with a house dressing Main Courses Grilled Flank Steak with a little spicy sauce of “adobo “ Chicken Breast filled with spinach and cream cheese with peppers sauce Fish Steak with vegetables fettuccine Desserts Milk Mousse with chocolate sauce Three milks cake filled with strawberries flambéed Fruits tart with Amaretto Mousse
  15. Does anyone have a picture of their menus. I want to have some menus made. Any recommendations?