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  1. Hi Ladies, Fiance and I are heading to Montego Bay this week to do our site visit pick our resort. I've got a list of questions to ask the wedding co-ordinators of the resorts we're considering but was wondering if anybody has any suggestions on questions or things I should look into when we're at each resort? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks! Kat
  2. Beautiful flowers! The colors were amazing! Glad you had a great time and that everything turned out smoothly. We're doing our site visit to JA this week and are going to be checking Iberstar out!
  3. Hi, Does anyone have a pictures of this resort's wedding locations and reception locations? Thanks, Kat
  4. Hi Ladies, Did anyone interview any bands or DJay's during their site visits in Jamaica? Anybody have any suggestions on live entertainment for receptions in Jamaica. I keep thinking about what an important element the music is during the reception to keep the party going and I wanted to know what other ladies are doing. We are heading to Mobay at the end of April and I figured while we were there maybe we could meet with some bands or DJ's. Anybody have any suggestions? Any recommendations for bands or DJay's? Thanks, Kat
  5. Hi Akua, I'm a newbie too but from what I've read on this website and elsewhere, the resort photographers leave much to be desired. Just an FYI, you may want to get a reliable family member or friend or look into a reasonable outside photographer.
  6. The pictures are beautiful! It looks like straight out of a magazine! Everyone seemed to have a really good time!
  7. Hi Ladies, Did you bring items like glassware for your centerpieces? If so, was this packed or shipped? Did you decorate your cermony location with flowers? If so, was someone able to take the flowers after the cermony? Thanks,
  8. Hi Erica, I'm glad you had a wonderful wedding and experience at Rose Hall. Would you mind emailing me your pictures. I'm planning a 2011 wedding and I'm trying to narrow down my choices in resorts. I would really appreciate it. My email address is Kandreolli@hotmail.com. Thanks so much, Kat
  9. Hi Ladies, A couple of weeks ago I found some pics on here where the bridesmaids were wearing a purple print maxi dress that I fell in love with! I can't find the picture on here anywhere and I've been searching like crazy. Can anyone help me out and find it? I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Kat
  10. Thanks! I've been looking all and I still havent re-found that list again. The search continues......
  11. Hi, I was searching the other day and came across a post or a thread that had a listing of all the Jamaican locations, Negril, Mo Bay, etc, and then under each location the names of several couples that got married there and what resort they got married at. I can't seem to find this post/thread again. Can somebody help? Thanks, Kat
  12. Hi Ladies! I'm getting married 8/9/10 at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica. So excited and nervous! We got engaged in December and it feels like everything is happening soo fast. Glad I found this site- happy and smooth planning everyone!
  13. Hi Ladies! Congratulations on all of your engagements and marriages! I am soo happy that I found this site! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't wait to search some more and get up to speed on all the ins and outs of a destination wedding. My finance and are looking to have our wedding in August 2010 in Negril Jamaica. It was our first real vacation together and ever since then we said if we got married that's where it would be! I'm technologically slow so it's gonna take a while for me to have a cool pic, signature and counter, but I'm excited
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