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  1. Hi, Me and my FI just decided to change our wedding location from Mexico to Sedona, Arizona. We are getting married on June 11,2011 at the Red Rock Crossing. We to will have a small wedding of no more than 40 people. We traveled there three years ago and absolutely loved it. Its so beautiful in Arizona. You will have to keep me updated on your plans for your wedding in Arizona.
  2. Ive been looing all over the place for save the date magnets! Thanks for the information..yours look great!
  3. Those invitations are nice..thanks for sharing!!
  4. The fireworks start at $1200 for a 2 minute fireworks show which did seem like a lot of money to us. I know i will get the fire dancers for sure. Based on the information some of you have heard I think im going to pass on them.
  5. Thanks everyone for the pricing. Ive been planning on going here as well and was wondering if I should use a travel agent or not..You just made my decision a little bit easier! Thanks.
  6. I just found out I could have fireworks as a part of my wedding at Las Caletas. I guess they will set off fireworks for you from a seperate location as you depart the island which sounds cool. Have any of you past Las Caletas brides had the fireworks at their wedding?? Im just wondering if it is worth getting.
  7. I have been reading several forum posts and have been overwhelmed with information. We are considering having our guests stay at Dreams. We not decided where we will have the ceremony and reception. We have been thinking about Las Caletas. Anybody have an suggestions or opinions on where we should have them? Las Caletas or Dreams? Thanks,
  8. Las Caletas is a private beach front location near Puerto Vallarta. It is operated by Vallarta Adventures. We are planning on having our wedding there in June 2011. We spent an evening 2 years ago and saw a wedding in the distance. The wedding location is completely seperated from the public. Puerto Vallarta Weddings, Beach Weddings, Destination Weddings in Mexico Quote: Originally Posted by cjb0arder13 Hey Carolina! I have a reeeally stupid question. Is the resort you're getting married at called Las Caletas, or is that the area you're getting married in? I tried doing a google search for Las Caletas but didn't see any resorts...
  9. Hello everyone, we have used this site for sometime gathering many great ideas. We are planning a wedding in Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta in June 2011.
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