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  1. The wedding at Sunset Grande was great- but I will warn you the wedding coordinator was not very good to deal with, lots of hassles and trying to overcharge us. Oh - and my flower I had custom made on Etsy I loved it. Let me know if you have any questions about Sunset Grande weddings !
  2. Thanks girls !! Yes- the 'day after' pics (well, 2 days after!) were taken at Shaw Park in Ocho Rios...amazing tropical forrest, waterfalls, huge banyon trees. On the way out of the park, we stopped at the lookout point and got the shots overlooking Ocho Rios. My photographer was right - it was definitely one of the hottest days with full sun...the dress did get pretty uncomfortable, but it wasn't bad in the park because the waterfall kept it pretty cool. Id definitely reccomend Shaw Park for wedding photos. The 'Day After' I didn't do much with my hair or makeup so I didn't really have to reapply, photographer had said to just keep it simple. Wedding Day though the curls in my hair fell pretty quick..by the night time you can see I just tied it back. I did manage to keep my dress on till 11:00pm on the wedding day, so I was pretty impressed with myself !
  3. My photo's and slideshow from my wedding at the Sunset Jamaica Grande, Ocho Rios Jamaica. Photography by Curtis Moore (Winnipeg, MB) http://www.mooreblog.ca Enjoy ! What an amazing day it was !
  4. Ohh gorgeous! Loe Amsterdam, one of my fave places - what an awesome place for a shoot, lucky girl!
  5. I am paying $3250 for my photographer (Engagement pics here, discs of all pictures, full week of coverage down there including some videography) plus his travel expenses, so in total about $4900. But, I am using the free person we get after booking 20 people are his trip, so I only pay $275 tax. Otherwise if he didn't get the free trip, I wasn't sure if I could have done it. Photography was the most important part of my wedding and I was set on my photographer long before my wedding, just something I couldn't budge on! People think I'm crazy, but whatever! check out my E-pics... Winnipeg Wedding Photography-Holiday Mountain-Lauren & Brent | Moore Photography: Winnipeg Wedding Photographer. Destination Wedding Photographer. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  6. I am getting married at Sunset Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios week of Jan 15th. Spending our second week in Negril for honeymoon, you??
  7. cute pictures! Those are from the Forks right? I'm in Winnipeg too, had winter pics and am getting married in Jamaica! Small world!
  8. Here are a few of our pics that were just posted. I am thrilled with them! I think the snow in these will be the perfect contrast to the beach for the wedding! We are bringing Curtis Moore our photographer with us to Jamaica. Enjoy! Winnipeg Wedding Photography-Holiday Mountain-Lauren & Brent | Moore Photography: Winnipeg Wedding Photographer. Destination Wedding Photographer. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  9. Got dumped by a bm VIA facebook msg if it makes you feel any better!
  10. Our rate for Air Canada vacations is for January 15-22nd/ 2011. It includes direct flight, Airfare and Transfers (the full package). My quote to Sunset Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios is $1599 incl tax. we took the rate and were told when the 'actual' flight prices come out in June or July the quote may be lowered, so I'm happy with it. Our guests have till March 22nd to put $150 deposit down.
  11. I have been working with my travel agent and just secured a group rate for my Jan 27 2011 wedding. She got rates for me from Transat, Signature, Sunquest and Air Canada, all had their rates available for 2011. We got what I think it is a good group rate with Air Canada and we are planning on using our free person after the 21st booking to fly out photograher down. Your TA should have no problem getting 2011 rates now.
  12. Our first dance song which I'm thinking will be done in the sand at our Bonfire reception in Jamaica will be - TRUE LOVE - SOJA ( soldiers of jah army ) I'm in love with it.
  13. Do not tell! I just booked mine for May 16 - if you want opinions maybe get some of your bridesmaids or girlfriends? I know my FI will love it as long as there is minimal clothing! I plan to do some shots with his football jersey which I know he'll love then to surprise him with a football (Steelers) garter will just make the day for him! I think it will ruin some of the excitment if you tell him.
  14. Is that $3200 per couple including airfare for the RIU? I am looking at $3200 per couple incl. airfare for the Sunset Grande in Ocho Rios. Then we are planning to spend out second week at Tensing Pen in Negril - I've budgeted about $6000 total for our 2 weeks.
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