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    2013 Brides in Jamaica

    Would you be able to send me his package prices? What does $3500 include? I love his work and want to use him. I reached out to him but I havent received a response yet.
  2. ajamieso

    How much is your wedding costing you?

    My budget is 12000 for everything!
  3. ajamieso

    Negril Escape Wedding

    i love this
  4. ajamieso

    Rock House Hotel in Negril Wedding :)

    oops i spoke to soon the links doesnt work
  5. ajamieso

    Rock House Hotel in Negril Wedding :)

    thanks so much for your post! this is very helpful!
  6. ajamieso

    Honeymoon Venue #1 - BCC

    so nice
  7. i did realize that you need to post on everything to be active because i read numerous posts!
  8. ajamieso

    Honeymoon Venue #1

    thats nice!
  9. Do you all know if it updates your membership as soon as you hit 40?
  10. It seems like it takes forever to hit it so im activitely writing on every post