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  1. This is for all past Costa Rican Brides or Visitors and the Locals!! We are looking to set up some surf lessons for a group of the ladies and we will be in Tamarindo. Does anyone have any recommendations of a good surf company? After this we will be going for lunch/brunch - any recommendations for this as well? Just looking to get the inside scoop! Thanks for your responses!
  2. I've done a bit of searching and don't see a thread started yet for this topic. We don't really want to separate out the dance for Father/Daughter and Mother/Son, we want to just do one dance together. You think this is ok? I know we are breaking the tradition, do you think the parents would be upset by this? We haven't mentioned it to them yet.... Does anyone have any ideas for songs would be good for this? I've done a bit of searching and the only one I saw that I really like is My Wish by Rascal Flatts. Any other ideas!!?? Thanks!!
  3. Thanks for the input, here is a picture of the dress and shirt (not a great picture for color of dress though, it is more marine or aqua). We took the shirt to the dress on the weekend and I think I like it... I guess I'm just sad, I really wanted pink as one of our colors, but I think it will just be a bit much if I add that it too. I think these will do good though.
  4. I need help! I have picked and bought the bridesmaid dresses, but now I cannot find a shirt for the groomsmen. We are with a fairly casual style, just looking for a linen shirt, but the only color I can find that I like is a green, like celery color. The girls dresses are a marine blue. To me, both are tropical colors and could go together, but I don't feel I can pick two different color schemes. I was hoping to go with just a really light shade of blue for the guys shirts, but can't find it anywhere. What are your thoughts, can I use two different colors? Does anyone know where else to find linen shirts this time of year in Canada, all I have looked at is Tommy Bahamas and Banana Republic (which had nothing). Thanks for all your input!
  5. Thanks, I'll see if i can find any of things like you both have suggested. I just want it to be a fun gag gift, like the water guns for the guys. Mochamakes3 - I just finalized our mug order today! I have order 35 mugs with our little logo and we are getting them shipped to our cabin in the states (big savings). It came to just under 150, so I'm super happy with that. I'll post a pic of them when i get them in!
  6. Hi Ladies! Thanks for all the good ideas, I'm finally working on my bags! So exciting to feel like I'm accomplishing something now. Here is what I have so far: 1st aid kits, travel wipes, hand sani (feel like I'm a little crazy on the cleanliness/safety!), vitamin C packets, lemonade packets, gum, travel mugs on order, little sunscreens, ear plugs. I'm still looking for the 2 packs of Imodium and Advil. Then I'm getting a few different things to make the bags different - beach ball and frisbee's for the kids, water guns for the guys, and I can't think of anything fun for the ladies! I'm at a loss, I would just get more water guns, but want to find something different. Any ideas, please send them my way! Thanks!
  7. Ask.CostaRica, Do you know if we can hire a solo guitarist for our ceremony? We are thinking of just doing our own music on a Ipod for the reception, but thought this would be good for the ceremony. Or would you have another suggestion like this for CR? We will be in the Tamarindo area. Thanks!!
  8. Thansk Ladies - all these posts are great ideas - I hope to be able to add to it soon!! Suprise4us, Thanks for the info on the travel mugs, I've been looking for these online for a good price, but I have to order over 100 to get any kind of discount. You mentioned that you ordered some yourself, where did you order from? Were you able to logo the ones you have ordered? Thanks!!
  9. Hi All, Just wondering who you are going with for photos and what the rates typically are. Our hotel has suggested Sylvia Gaurdia - has anyone worked with her in the past? Any thoughts and suggestions on who to go with at a good rate? We are going to have are wedding at Barcelo Langosta in Tamarindo. Thanks!! Kim
  10. We have just booked into Barcelo Langosta Beach for our wedding this April - we have booked about 20-25 guests and may have a few last minuters as well. We choose this place for accessibility to Tamarindo and the good beach for surfing, also, it was far less expensive than the other choice we had for an AI in this area and we wanted to keep costs down as we are all coming from Canada so flights are bit more expensive. I have heard lots of good things about Barcelo and some bad - but I don't think you can look at any hotel and not find some bad! We have decided it might not be the best of the best, but it will be what we make of it and I'm sure that we and are guest's will have a blast!! I'm still working on a wedding coordinator and whether or not to go with outside coordination - if anyone has any advise on this, I would love to hear it. Seems to be creeping up really quickly, getting so excited and so nervous!
  11. Thanks for all the advise and input. I will go look at the slide shows on the site and get some ideas, that is great advise!
  12. Hi Ladies, I'm having trouble trying to decide (or have my Finance decide) on what to wear. I've thrown out a ton of ideas and can't get an opinion for the life of me! I was wanting to go with a light blue (almost white/blue) short sleeve button up short, casual, but nice with a good light material. I was then thinking of doing a grey (darker than lighter) pant with this. However, I've got a bit of negative feedback on the grey. Any opinions? Also, has anyone seen any weddings with the groom in pants and the groomsmen in shorts? I was thinking this could set him apart from the other guys, but not sure if this is too casual. Lastly, where do you go to buy this? I've been looking online, but haven't really found a good selection from any one company. Please help! Thanks, Kim
  13. Thank you for the list, that will be a great help. All of a sudden April seem much closer and I feel like I need to get some details sorted out! Â Cheers!
  14. Hi Everyone! Â I have heard lots of recommendations to go with Wedding Coordinators for Costa Rica. I'm just looking any information on this. What do they provide for you, do they take care of the full set up, ceremony, photography and dinner? Do they typically work with the hotel you are at to get you the best deals possible, or would they keep it separate? Do you know the price range they would charge? Â Lastly, does anyone have any recommendations for WC in CR? Â Thanks All! Â Cheers, Kim
  15. Hi Ask.Costa Rica, The above posting is from over a year ago, would you still recommend getting outside wedding coordination if we choose to go with this hotel. Our wedding is next April, and we are finally coming to a decision on where we are going to stay - Barcelo Langosta is our top runner right now, so I would just like to know if there are any big issues or problems here that I should be aware of. Thanks for your help! Cheers, Kim
  16. Yes, that was a big help. I think we've now narrowed it down to 4 places (which I think is a good start!!): Barcelo Langosta and Flamingo Beach Resort Paradisus Playa Conchal and Allegro Papagayo (which maybe a bit pricey so these might be out right away) Thanks again for your input!
  17. Thanks Ask Costa Rica! We have decided that we want to go to an All inclusive, would you have a list of all the all-inclusive resorts within Tamarindo and in close vicinity? As I mentioned before, we don't really want to be in the city, but I would still like to look at all our options. Thanks for your help with this
  18. I finally finished our STDs! I was very happy to be done this, it wasn't too much work, but now it really feels like we are getting married! Once they were in the mail it made it all the more real....kind of exciting! I'm not sure how to put it in the thread, but I've attached our postcard here (sorry, its a little fuzzy). Savethedate.pdf
  19. We haven't yet picked the place. We are wanting to be in the Tamarindo area, not necessarily in the town, but in the vicinity. How did you like Occidental Grand Papagayo? Thanks for the info on the tour company, I'm going to look at that right now!
  20. Hi KSK! If you could think of the tour company you went with I would love to hear about it. We are planning for next April, and I would like to go on a zipline tour as well. I've heard good and bad with the tours and if you had a good experience I would love to look into it. Thanks!
  21. I'm an April 2011 Bride as well! We have not set a specific date yet as we are still waiting to decide on our exact location and hotel in Costa Rica. I have my STDs almost ready to go, I wanted to get them out so we can give everyone a full years notice. I've already tried dresses on too! I couldn't help it, but am trying to wait a little longer before buying so I don't find one in a few months I like better.
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