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  1. Oh wow that really freaks me out!! Our wedding is December 1st. I'm going to try and reach her by phone tomorrow and figure something out. I find it so hard to communicate by email, I ask 4 questions and they only seem to answer 1! I was told that we would have to pay for a sound system on the beach and set up but not for food, I was wondering if we could have reception only at the chillout lounge. I can't believe how often the wedding planners change! It's so unnerving...
  2. Also interested in the chair sashes and table runners if they're still available.
  3. Our first dance song is you've got a way with me by Shania Twain and I'm still deciding on the ceremony songs, I'd like to incorporate Valentine by Kina Grannis and Kiss the Girl from little mermaid I LOVE that idea!
  4. It takes a minimum of a week for someone to get back to me so far. From what I've heard on other threads they don't pay much attention to the emails from brides who's weddings are still far away. They get much better at responding within a day or so once your wedding is closer. Mine is in November so I don't hold my breath when I send an email. It sounds like everything comes together nicely in the weeks leading up to the wedding, don't worry too much (easier said than done I know)
  5. Good questions Danielle! I was wondering about the reception options, I'd like to take advantage of the a la carte but have a private reception afterwards, they gave me a quote of $25pp which is reasonable compared to the $85pp for the private reception w/dinner. I hope it all works out, I also do not want to pay a ton for extra stuff.
  6. Great review thank you!! I'm so excited! Do you happen to know the answer to my question above - do the pools close in the evening?
  7. Can you send me this info on the semi private reception at the thai beach club? They didn't give me this option, only the $100 pp one! EEK..expensive lol
  8. Has anyone had any experience booking a reception with no supper included? We'd like to take advantage of the supper in the a la carte but all of the packages include supper for the receptions. We'd love to use the thai beach club or the beach, Elizabeth quoted su $25.00 per person for a ballroom but I didn't drive this many km's to end up in a ballroom. Also, this is a random question - does anyone know what time the pools close or if they do? We were in Jamaica last year and they closed at 9pm which I hated because I'm not big into the shows but we have kids and strollers+sand does not work! Thanks for your help!
  9. Has anyone considered "The only way he knew how' by Bucky Covington? My dad was never touchy feely so I think this song is fitting, but I don't know if it's a bit too honest? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzV9JQm9h6Y
  10. I'm walking down the aisle to Be my valentine by Kina Grannis I stumbled upon it a few days ago and I love it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=840NbiFF1zM
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by elizamaria Hey all, I have booked my MA villa!!! I actually went with a different one than Casa Nova that is much larger, 11,000 square feet!!! Also, it is closer to other hotels and town, as well as being brand new. Here is the link... Luxurious Tropical Vacation Home in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica - Elegant Home for Family Vacations in Central America, Costa Rica Ocean View Villaoverlooking Manuel Antonio National Park and Playa Espadilla, Casa Fantastico I can't wait!!! E WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! This place looks ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!! How much did it cost for a week? and how many people are you having?
  12. I have fallen in love with the Paradisus too!! But I just don't know how expensive it would be. It looks so beautiful though. I would love some information as well if anyone has some. I was in Ochos Rios for my sisters wedding at the Riu and it was beautiful - I would probably get married there myself if she wasn't my TWIN! That would be a little too twin-like I think, we might as well have done a double wedding!! Anyway- it's gorgeous down there and the people are soooooo nice I couldn't believe it, the Riu is absolutely beautiful, but it is HUGE so I don't know if you'd want to go there. Good luck planning- what dates were you looking at? Janine
  13. That's the only complaint I've heard so far from family is that they've heard the flight is bad, but whatever - I'm really excited!!! I totally think it's worth it!! I'm hoping maybe next year we can travel down and do a site visit to see what it's like down there. Binzer- do you know what the cost is for the paradisus from Canada? I'm trying to keep the cost below $2000.00 a week (or at $2000.00) including the flight. Thanks again everyone!!!!
  14. Sorry I tried to add some but I couldn't get them to work. I'll ask my sister to post some when she gets a chance.
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