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  1. WE are getting married in May in Potrero Bay, Flamingo Beach Area. I am looking for entertainment ideas for the reception. We would really like a band, but have been told bands only play Maranga. Does anyone have any ideas? THanks!!
  2. It is going...lol! I haven't booked the date yet, we were waiting to get more info on the resort, that area around the resort and pricing before we made a final decision. We just received our quote last night from the WC. It was a lot higher then I was expecting! We have a group of 35-40 people so I thought it wouldn't be too crazy.
  3. Hi, I am new on here. We are looking to get married at Bahia Del Sol as well. So far the reviews i have read have been really great and the prices are really good. Have you been here before? Do you have a WC?
  4. Hi, My name is Lindsey and we are looking to get married in Costa Rica, May 2011.
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