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  1. I'm not sure about that $450 quote. I didn't bring down any white tulle, I'm pretty sure it comes standard with the wedding package (at least the ones you pay for). I only paid $60 for them to wrap the tulle differently than usual, but that's all. I did bring down my own blue chair bows and I think that was $260 (including all other decorations for the reception as well) since I had so many guests.
  2. Thanks everyone for your sweet compliments! I will be posting my review soon, probably this weekend, trying to make it very throughout and match up good pictures. Ashley- I got my chair sashes at http://www.weddinglinensdirect.com/8xorsatu.html They are 8x108 Organza Sash - 50585 8 x $5.90 Turquoise50585(10pcs/pk) Super great deal! I actually don't know the beach name of where we did our TTD pictures. I'll have to ask our photographer. But I do know it was a cenote/beach about 5 minutes north of Dreams Tulum. You pay a small fee to use the beach and cenote. It was super gorgeous. The sand was craaazzzzy soft. Loved it. DanniS- I actually requested the canopy to be set up like that A little difference than their usual fare. My flowers were part of the package (I think usually they do these very tropical flowers/lilies x 3), but I'm super allergic to lillies and I wanted something different and more classic looking. The tulle setup was $60, since they had to wrap it around the legs. Chump change! And then I had 2 bags of purple rose petals thrown down the aisle, and those were $18 each. I think I would do 4 bags if I had to do it again (my wedding coordinator said the standard was 20 bags!!! boy am i cheap!).
  3. Here are some pics of my hair and make-up, done by the resort. All my bridesmaids had their hair and makeup done there too and they all liked it. My hair didn't look exactly like my inspiration picture, but I think it's still pretty. And they did the makeup better than my trials in the US. Also, if you look in my siggy, you can look at the slideshow of our wedding at Dreams Tulum.
  4. I think that's a pretty good price, but maybe they have better TTD prices in Punta Cana than Cancun. I would suggest asking him if you can do the TTD two days after your wedding, in the morning. That way you can recover the whole next day after your wedding and relax. That's what we did, and it was much better. I would have been too tired the day after the wedding. Plus, I think they prefer to do 8:30 because the lighting is really good in the morning and it makes for better pictures. Just depends, do you want all bright light pictures, or do you prefer a sunset type of TTD? I'm sure he'd be fine if you want to wait another day and do the AM because then he can still do a wedding later on that night (if he is scheduled). Might not hurt to ask. Good luck!
  5. Yes, there are additional costs, but you do not have to pay for the additional cocktail hour beyond 20 people. I had around 80 guests, and I only had the 20 person cocktail hour...didn't pay a penny more. My guests didn't care if they didn't get an hor doeruve and if they wanted a cocktail they only had to walk to the bar within 100 feet. We still had a private area where the mariachi played and pictures were taken. It's only an hour anyways, then the reception starts. You can choose the gold menu for 65/per person or the silver for 55/person. Even if you have the Ultimate package...they don't care, if you need to save costs, get the silver menu. Also, I do not recommend getting a cake beyond what's in your package. A cake for 20 people is more than enough, especially since your menu includes dessert. I don't even know if any of my guests had a bite of cake...absolutely no clue. We were all full and dancing on the dance floor. I suggest save your money and don't splurge on the cocktail hour and cake, unless those are really important to you. Then you have more money for a DJ or nice photographer.
  6. I'm pretty sure this is common for all Dreams resorts. The prices for the reception dinner are most likely a bit different depending on which resort you choose. I think Dreams PV and Los Cabos are much cheaper for dinner than the Cancun area. You'll have to email each Dreams wedding coordinator and ask to see their wedding package additional prices. Or search through each Dreams thread, because it's bound to be mentioned by previous brides. Our reception was held at Seaside Grill. Since we had so many guests and a DJ we wanted to rent out our own space and make it really feel private. But we saw many weddings by the pools and on the beach and they were very lovely. You can't go wrong where you choose to have your reception. Also, Dreams Tulum is notorious for not 'substituting' things in the package for other things (i.e., cancel cocktail hour and replace with extra plates for reception). They will not switch anything. If you don't want it, you just don't use it. I know other Dreams resorts are much more lax about substituting those types of things...but that may start changing...seems like each year they change things around. Just to warn you in case you think you can ask them about that kind of stuff. They won't. I think Dreams Cancun does though. Like I said, just read through the past 10-20 pages of all the Dreams resorts you're interested in and you can get a general idea about each resort. The special thing about Tulum is it's location. You aren't in the busy area of Cancun, you really feel like you're at a very private resort. You can walk south on the beach all the way to the ruins if you feel like it. Also, you're reallllly close to all the fun activities. Everyone from Cancun has to wake up early to take an hour long bus ride, while your guests can take a taxi ride for 5-10 min.
  7. Nope, we had to have a buffet (I think it's mandatory, or highly suggested, with a party greater than 50 guests), and I can assure you, it's the exact same price per person as a plated dinner. You basically get all the items on the silver menu or all the items on the gold menu for the buffet. I'm not sure there are many resorts in Mexico that give a free reception for parties over 10. They might have cheaper dinner options, but when I originally looked around, it seemed it was pretty common to charge for this special event.
  8. Hi Grace, Unfortunately, you are unable to have a free reception, at least now with the number of guests you are bringing. I've heard of brides reserving a table at a restaurant, or just showing up with 10 guests or less (preferably 6 or less) and them getting a free reception. But once you pass 10 people, they will charge. Your package includes up to 20 people, so you are only paying for everyone past that, so for a wedding with 30 guests, you're only going to have to pay for the additional 10 guests. The silver menu is another $55/per person (reception dinner/drinks only), and the gold menu is $65/per person. If you want extra cocktail hour, that will be $25/per person (hors deurves and cocktails). If you want extra cake or champagne for each guest that's probably another $6/per person for each. They will charge you for everything beyond 20 guests. It's better food than you would otherwise have at any of the restaurants though. Even if you have your dinner at one of the restaurants, it's still considered a private event for your larger group because you are taking away waiters/bartenders/staff to be exclusively treating your guests only. That is why they are charging you more. Regarding the gazebo, I just went there 2 months ago, and I saw nothing of the nature. I didn't see a hill either though...so maybe that's my problem. I'm pretty sure I saw all the resort had to offer, and all I remember is the church or the beach for weddings. I think you might be confusing the gazebo for something at Riveria Cancun or Cancun Dreams locations (?). I'm pretty sure those both have gazebos...but you won't find one in Tulum. Good luck wherever you choose your wedding!! I loved my wedding at Dreams Tulum and wouldn't have had it anywhere else!
  9. Regarding the flowers...I also had the same issue. I found out it's because I was asking for a SPECIFIC flower that might not be local or in season for them. I then asked them (Aurora) if they had VERY SIMILAR looking flowers to the ones I chose as long as they were free (i.e., included in the package). She always had a very, very close option to the original flower I chose. Everytime! So I recommend asking her for flowers that are similar to the ones you are aiming for. You can't ask for "daises" or "dahlias", because they probably don't grow down there and you're mostly paying for shipping costs. Instead ask for a flower that looks like a daisy or dahlia. They definitely will have something to make you happy. All of our flowers were beautiful! Hopefully I'll get my pro pics soon so I can post the review before some of your weddings.
  10. DanniS- This is probably something you can try to get once you get down there (the Dolphin pool reception). They are very friendly and want to give you the wedding of your dreams. Even if over email they say "No, we can't do that", I would still ask once you get to speak in person to your wedding coordinator. I can understand the 50 people maximum though, even that seems like it's pushing it. Those pool areas are very narrow and I have a hard time seeing 5+ tables with a DJ, food, and dancing room in that small area...especially the dolphin pool! I never saw a wedding with more than 30 people in that area, and even those looked crowded to me. I would suggest if you have the extra cash, to rent out the Seaside Grill. That was one of the best things we did. Ultimate privacy, no one entering or bothering your wedding party, it just felt like it was just us and nobody else.
  11. barbiegirl - I had the same concerns right before my wedding. Don't worry about it. They will allow you to have a cocktail party up to 20 people, as part of your package, even if you have extra guests. We had 70 guests, and they only brought out hors deurves and servers for 20 people (didn't pay an extra dime). The location is right next to the wedding setup and Seaside Grill, and there's a swim up/regular bar right there too so your guests can walk 20 feet and order their own drinks. Perfect setting
  12. I didn't even notice they were on, felt like walking barefoot in the sand. You can order 1/2 sizes too and she'll include a longer attachment option for extra comfort.
  13. I wore these and they were perfect. http://www.etsy.com/listing/11999988/rhinestone-barefoot-jewelry-for-your?ref=v1_other_1 I also got my bridesmaids these in green. http://www.etsy.com/listing/23062531/ocean-green-or-cobalt-blue-barefoot?ref=v1_other_1
  14. There's only one bride that had trouble with getting her pictures on time, and we only heard her side of the story as well. If Ivan recommends him, and your first choice was Ivan, then I would completely trust his recommendation. I am still so happy we chose William as our photographer. We should be getting teasers in the next few weeks, so you can be more comfortable with your choice once you see those Although if you look a few posts back you can see some teasers from ncarolinadaisy that are absolutely stunning. He's also a joy to work with, and that's refreshing with a destination wedding where you feel like you are constantly feeling ignored by other vendors - he will not make you feel that way. I say go for it!!
  15. I think there are already a lot of threads on this topic, but I will say that I just had my TTD about a week ago and I used the exact same dress as my wedding ceremony/reception. It was not a cheap gown and was filthy dirty on the bottom after the wedding from the dancing and sand and just walking around. But after our TTD the water cleaned up the bottom really well. I just made sure to rinse it in the bathtub/shower when I got back to get any salt water off of it and I have yet to take it to the cleaners. But it looks brand new! It even has lace at the top and that withstood the waves and rocks. I say go for it! My only complaint was that my dress was pretty heavy and I had to keep pulling it up so the pictures wouldn't be showing 'too much' haha. That water will weigh it down fast. That would be my only concern if you plan on doing a cenote TTD. Once I get some TTD teasers, I can show you what a 'non-beachy' dress looks like in a cenote/sea. Congrats on finding the dress!!!
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