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  1. Hey girls, Â What are you doing for the music for the ceremony? We would like to hire a violinist, but it's expensive. We were thinking of creating our own playlist, but I'm not sure how that would work. Any ideas or advice? Â Thanks, Mindy
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by bahiabride2010 I ordered the 12 for $9.99 size from OTC...not sure which one that is? The rack cards fit well...I did trim off about an inch off the bottom to make them fit just right! Here's some pics of how they turned out! They look awesome! And they are so affordable! I originally wanted to order wedding program fans from Beau-coup, but they only allow you to order min 100 and they would have been like $300. I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" your idea? Also, how did you attach the programs to the fans?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by bahiabride2010 Here's a pic of ours...we'll be attaching them to Raffia Fans with ribbon and wrapping the handles. I ordered/designed them on VISTAPRINT...got 50 rack cards for free (just pay the shipping!) I LOVE LOVE your programs!! What are the dimensions of the rack cards and what size raffia fans did you order?
  4. I had a question about the suit pressing. My fiance's suit is linen and so are the pants that all the groomsmen will be wearing. Do any of you know if they have a professional steamer on hand at the resort because I believe you're not supposed to iron linen or it will be ruined.
  5. Just ordered my BM's flip flops (Guess Jasper Sandals)....looks like I bought out Macys.com lol
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly4kathy2 Yeah! I am trying to decide between this and this I LOVE the first...much more dramatic!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Jackie22 I just recently changed my mind from half up/half down to all up in a low loose bun. I made this decision due to heat, humindy, sweat and wind Those things are not a good combo for me. Jackie, you're so right! I didn't realize. When I go for my trial I'll ask my hairstylist.
  8. Wow! All of these dresses are BEAUTIFUL! Just got a call my dress is in! So excited
  9. Hey girls, It's been a while since I've been on. A LOT going on in my life right now (looking for a new job and buying a house)! It took me about a day to catch up on all the new posts and THANKS for all the useful information! I've been wondering about the cake flavors. Congrats THOPE!! You must be having an amazing time!! Can't wait to hear all about it! I've heard great things about DJ Mannia..there was a great review on this forum. Also if you booked in February they were having a sale - 30% off!! So I'm sure they will be running other discounts, just keep an eye out. I've been stressing most about the Welcome/Rehearsal Dinner and the OOT bags!! Rebecca, you calmed my nerves about the Welcome Dinner...The Spice Lounge terrace sounds great. I know a past bride had her reception there and it turned out beautifully! As for the OOT bags...I ordered my actually bags on VISTAPRINT and decided not to use my monogram. I used a beach scene that they had and our date. They didn't turn out as nicely as I imagined, but they are still cute. I'm also stressing on what to put in them. I'm putting in the standard - advil, sunscreen, pepto, bug spray, etc. Towels seem like such a great idea, but where the heck do you pack them?? As for the dress code, we put that info in our passport invitations under a "Travel Tips" page. We got the info straight from the EPM website so our guests will know what to pack. Hopefully they will actually read them Anyways, good luck to all you girls! I know we stress out before hand, but EVERY EPM bride says everything turns out GREAT so try not to stress and enjoy! Happy Planning!
  10. never saw it/heard of it until today (second time I heard it today!) Vince Vaughn?
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