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  1. Hi Sjay, Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. The petals down the middle of the isle are real. I did pay a bit extra for those, not sure how much. You'll have to ask the coordinator. It was advised that real petals are better as they are heavier than the fake petals, and would do much better in case there was wind. We lucked out, not much wind at all! The candles stayed lit the entire duration of our ceremony. No trick was necessary. I guess it also depends on the weather and what time of day. Who knows!? I was glad I picked an outdoor wedding! So much fun, especially with the steel drums! Best of luck, Abby
  2. Thank you! Ken was recommended by a bride I met on here and on Facebook! She did all her tours with him and I was so glad I booked Ken Gracey too. The photos he captured were beautiful!
  3. Iberostar Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica January 7, 2011
  4. Taken somewhere between Montego Bay and Ochos Rios. Carol, my best friend took the photos, and Ken Gracey with Doctorbird Tours drove us to this small beach.
  5. It's been just a little bit over a year since I tied the knot at Iberostar Rose Hall in Montego Bay. We had a blast. Here's is my slide show link that Sandy May, my photographer put together. She and her husband, Pata, were wonderful to work with! She was quick responding, very reliable, and trustworthy. I received all of my pics on a CD just a few weeks later at home. http://www.pictage.com/photographer/slideshows/viewslideshow?autoplay=1&slideshowid=28208&slideshowkey=ooalmhqhlqbtctjb Also, If there is anyone interested in touring the country, I would highly recommend booking tours with Ken Gracey who operates Doctorbird Tours! He grew up in Jamaica as a boy and knew a lot of about the towns. My small group of 20 booked several personal and private tours with him and felt very safe and trusted doing business with him. He is so easy going and laid back! He even drop me to my Trash the Dress site, which was a nice small secluded beach. One great thing about Ken is how he takes pictures of you and your group during the entire trip and burns the photos on a CD for you to take home! You can search him on tripadvisor.
  6. I loved you archway!!! Iberostar didn't have a problem with you bringing in an outside floral shop? i wrote them asking who they make contact with for any upgrades and they mentioned that they partner up with an external shop called Flower Studio. How did you go about getting your own floral shop? Were there any extra charges?
  7. Hey JessicaC, Â I have too am having my wedding at IRHB and have called them a couple times with questions. The first time I called, I asked if I could speak to the wedding coordinator or anyone whowould be able to answer my wedding questions, but no one was there. From my impression, their either really busy or they only work a few days in the week. So you have to catch the wedding coordinator at just the right time. After a couple of tries, I did get a hold of someone, but it seems like whether i wrote an email or personally called, the response time is the same. Then again, if you have the time to call, it's worth a try, especially since your wedding is so near. Â And I wouldn't worry too much about the photography stuff. You can always upgrade later, right? But I am looking at my "extra charges" sheet that they had emailed me and they have a few different packages that range from $300 (24 pics) to $875 (70 pics). The DVD (edited appro. 45 mins) is $350. And it also says that the processing of photos takes 3 days after being shot. Â Good luck!
  8. I also wanted to know what you girls were doing in terms of hair and make up? are you bringing an artist with you? will you go through the hotel or do your own hair and makeup? i wonder how skilled the styles at Iberostar are???
  9. Anyone know the policies for American Airlines? I should probably call them, but if anyone has expereince bringing on their wedding gown on this airline, I would greatly appreciate any experience or words of advice!
  10. First, congrats to all the future brides who have booked at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach! It does feel good - just one less thing to worry about! I too have booked, actually just a few days before the gal who started this tread. Mine's on Friday, January 7, 2011! We should get one another's email, compare notes, be eachother's resource, if need be! I'm super excited though! I would love to hear how your planning process is coming along!
  11. I'm right there with you Terri! I have reservations at Beaches Sandy Bay in Negril and really don't want a cookie cutter Marths Stewart wedding with many restrictions. I'm thinking of Sunset at the Palms as well. The price range is a bit lower, but you do have less ammenities. I feel like Moon Dance Villas is a bit more expensive compared to the Sunset.
  12. I had a question about the Steakhouse...how do you pick the wedding dinner? Are their options for our guests? Do they simply pick off a menu? Can we customize the menu?
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