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  1. Hi newflores, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I did book with a travel agent. My family is all over Canada so I couldn't get a group rate, but each family went to their favorite travel agent and booked the air/hotel as a package. Everyone mentioned they were part of the wedding, but the hotel staff still placed us all over the hotel instead of on the same floor. To ms. abby, I don't really remember, but I think we had a choice of two or three meals for the dinner. I do know the appetizer and dessert was buffet, but sorry, it was too long ago to remember what I did for the dinner. Maybe Carina remembers better than me since her wedding was more recently. By the way Carina... I love your pics. I now wish I had my ceremony in the lobby. You are right, the marble floors do look grand.
  2. Do you still have the contact name and email for the wedding co-ordinator at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach? I'd like to contact them. And, congrats on choosing a resort.
  3. I like the photographer I found as he didn't need an assistant -so bonus I only had to pay airfare/hotel for one person, and he came up with a photo package price just for me. A custom made package I guess since he knew my price limit. He really fit in great with my guests but he also did his own thing during the day time. I searched for photogs in the States and in Canada. The guy I booked is from Montreal Canada. Not sure if we're permitted to mention names on here - but I do believe most photogs would like to include this new trend of destination weddings in their portfolio and if the wedding happens during a non busy period for them -they are doubly excited to help.
  4. My AHR was 6mths after the wedding. I wore the dress (and people loved seeing it), and after appetizers my MC announced that bride/groom are going to change into something a little more comfortable. My second dress was still white, but not nearly as fancy. For me, it was the perfect solution since some people thought it was odd that I'd be wearing it, and some thought I should. This way, I pleased everyone --including myself.
  5. Hi Taylorbride, I did not rent out the steakhouse for my reception. With my 20 guests, we were given half the restaurant, and the other half was open to the public. We barely even noticed them though as I believe they started arriving about 1hr after my reception started. And it is correct, I had to pay $18 per person (over the 8th person).
  6. Hi breeze, I don't recall any unexpected charges. But I did find the stuff you buy in addition (flowers, hairdo's, make-up, etc) add up to be very expensive. The exchange rate is a place they might have gauged me. They bill is in their currency and then exchange to US dollars (so I kinda paid exchange rate twice considering I had a Canadian credit card). I think my bill was nearly $4K (not including flight/ dress/ tux/hotel). If I come across my bill in the near future, I'll write what they charged me.
  7. Thank you AugustBride2B. The errors on my marriage certificate was my husbands last name, his fathers last name, my age and my best man name says 'signature illegible'. I'd love to know how much longer I need to wait to receive the corrected certificate. (I've been waiting since June so far-- married Jan.27/09)
  8. Hi Love, I just had to pay the $18 per guest once. It was to eat at the reception. All my guests were booked at the same resort as me (Rose Hall Beach).
  9. Hi Crystal, I'm not sure if a different cake can be ordered. I also don't know if they have centrepieces for rent. I had the two large flower arrangements taken off the arch (from the ceremony) and placed on the tables as an arrangement.
  10. Ya, the disco and salon are on the Suites property. Iberostar guests staying at Rose Hall Beach are permitted to go there -just gotta tell the front desk that you are planning to go. Iberostar also will drive you over in a little golf cart - it's a really short walk (5 minutes max).. but they really want to drive you there. I guess it's 'cause they really want to pamper their guests.
  11. I got married at this resort in January 2009. Sandy is a very nice soft spoken lady. My only issue is my marriage certificate had many errors on it and Sandy said she'd send the details again but hasn't given me any feedback on how long this may take. If you feel comfortable going off topic a little and asking about Doris' marriage certificate. I would be greatly appreciative. Enjoy your stay at the resort. We had a great time there.
  12. I'm lovin' the mid-week break. So far, lawn is cut, weeds are pulled, next laundry
  13. The misspelled name is just one letter in the last name of groom and father of groom. The witness' name is omitted -it says "signature illegible." I also think it should be an easy fix, but it seems like contacting the right person is hard. My WC hasn't replied yet (which I expect, she's very busy), but I thought I would have a response from the Registrar Department since their website says they respond to all emails within two business days. Foxytv, asking for a fax/email to show it's being processed is a great idea. I couldn't imagine waiting another 6months to change my name. (I was married in January, and got the marriage certificate in June.) OK guys, wish me luck that I get a hold of the right person to do this. Otherwise I have to book another trip to Jamaica?
  14. Is anybody going to Iberostar Rose Hall Beach and talking to Sandy in the near future? Maybe you can ask on my behalf? I'd really appreciate it.
  15. Thanks for the well wishes. I've emailed my co-ordinator and the office that would have issued the document. I haven't heard anything yet. But, I'm going to remain optimistic that this will be resolved. This just re-inforces that when the minister says sign legibly, he really means it.
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