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  1. Jorge Allocco wedd photo

    Punta Cana Photographer Reviews- Help!

    Hi brides.. Thanks for mention my work at the forum. to see my latests works, please go to my photoblog.... Wedding photographer all the best..
  2. Jorge Allocco wedd photo

    Dominican Wedding Photographer

    Hi there.. Thanks for posting that. Was great meeting you and being your photographer. all the best..
  3. Jorge Allocco wedd photo

    Good DJ in Punta Cana

    go to dj mania..they are professional 100% all the best
  4. Jorge Allocco wedd photo

    Our Paradisus Palma Real Wedding 2/13/10

    Hi Jenny: Thanks for your words and coments about my job.. really have good time doing them. all the best. jorge
  5. Jorge Allocco wedd photo

    Melia Caribe and Outside Photographers?

    Hi there. i been shooting on melia last weekend and previews weeks before and my clients just pay for the day pass. it"s quite rare all the rumors here..didn't hear if anybody paid it anytime.. all the best..
  6. Hello Brides: i like to invite you all to have a look on my new site. There you can find all the information you need to know better about my works and also you'll find links to see my latest work in Punta cana. Hope to hear from you and your opinions about the new site.. All the best.. Punta Cana Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer from Dominican Republic Jorge Allocco..
  7. Jorge Allocco wedd photo

    My wedding at Paradisus Palma Real 2/13/10

    Hi Jenny: I'm glad to know that everything was as you expected. I had great time meeting and working for you guys. To see the photos go to: Wedding photographer: Jenny & Derrick-Paradisus Palma Real, February 13th 2010 all the best.. Jorge
  8. Jorge Allocco wedd photo

    DJ Mannia Nov 7 2009 Review

    They are great..very professional.. all the best..
  9. Hi Jenny: They are realy good..not the first time i work with them at the same wedding.. all the best..
  10. Jorge Allocco wedd photo

    Punta Cana Photographers

    Thanks Mr Guzman to put those trustables words on Punta cana photographers. i really apreciate how you see our hard work and proffesionalism as well. Hope to meet you around here sometime. Jorge Allocco..
  11. Jorge Allocco wedd photo

    DJ Mannia- Punta Cana

    yes they are great!! i did few weddings with them..highly recomended. all the best..
  12. Thanks Christina. I do my best everyday to improve my work and it's really nice to see that people apreciate what i do. honestly i have a lot of fun doing my job at every wedding. all the best
  13. Jorge Allocco wedd photo

    EdenH Real Arena Brides Post Here!

    Mariana is not longer the WC at NH Eden Real Arena, has change to a new recently. i haven't meet the new but started from this week. all the best
  14. hi there. that's a real good resort, good service, location , atmosphere, concept. i did many weddings there and also i stayed as client grest desition. all the best.
  15. Hi Lisa thanks for posting that, really have fun with you guys. see my latest works here... Jorge Allocco wedding photography be my guest to go to my site and see more about me. al the best.