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  1. This site seems to have the best maps I've seen. They show all the resorts as well as all the different sections of beach. http://puntacanatv.com/wp-content/up...-AREAS-MAP.jpg
  2. He put some here too Wedding photographer: Katie & Jose- Dreams Palm Beach, March 18th 2010.
  3. I got the photos on CD...I originally asked for 100 but ended up buying some extras in the end. I'm not sure how to post photos on here but you can see a few of them on the Dreams Punta Cana Brides group on facebook. I'm the redhead who married the Dominican...you can't miss me! LOL
  4. Hi guys. I just wanted to mention that I hired Jorge Allocco when I saw his ad on this site and he did a great job taking photos of our wedding. He came to meet us a few days before the wedding to discuss what we wanted, and the photos are beautiful. His pricing is very reasonable too.
  5. I just got back from my wedding at Dreams Palm Beach. It was fantastic! All my correspondence was with Melani, but when we arrived it was Yaisy looking after us, and she is great too. She's very helpful and friendly and handled everything smoothly. We didn't pay for preferred, but they gave it to us anyway. Our room even had a jaccuzzi in it! The ceremony was beautiful and we got extras that we weren't expecting. Overall it was an incredible experience and I wouldn't change anything. For the photos we hired Jorge Allocco and he did a nice job. He even came to visit us a couple days before the wedding to talk about what we wanted and to get to know us. I highly recommend him.
  6. I was at that resort last summer (I didn't stay there, but was there for a horseback riding excursion). It's along the same stretch of beach as Club Med and seems like a really nice hotel. I did find it quite expensive though...we stopped to buy a drink at a restaurant and although I don't remember the price I do remember not being too happy about it! Be sure to check the pricing before you commit to it!
  7. The postage system in the Dominican is really bad...nobody really uses it. When I was living there I decided to try it and sent my parents a post card in November. They received it in April!!!
  8. It wouldn't be the larimar stuff that you find at the beach vendors...I was thinking more of the higher end white gold/larimar stuff. But I think the anklet might make more sense cuz as Amanda said it might clash with the flowers. Plus I went to pick up my ring today and saw a really nice pendant and earrings that would match perfectly with it!
  9. So I was thinking since I'm getting married in the Dominican Republic maybe my "something blue" could be Larimar jewelry, since it's their national stone. Do you girls think having a little blue in my jewelry would look ok with a wedding dress? Or should I keep it more hidden and wear it as an anklet or something?
  10. I just ordered some travel mugs from Coffee Mugs, Shot Glasses, Wine Glasses, Beer Mugs, Promotional Products, Tote Bags, Champagne Glasses, Wedding Favors , Sports Bottles, T-shirts, Promotional Pens & personalized Glassware.. I chose white and stainless steel (ID#DM999) and they do ship to Canada. I ordered 20 mugs and including shipping it came to about $120. I didn't get them printed, as I'm ordering vinyl decals from another company and will stick these on myself. The design I want on the mugs has a bunch of colours, and since I'm only ordering 20 it wasn't worth paying a setup fee. The company quoted me $0.75 per decal. So I guess each mug will cost about $6.75. Anyway hopefully they turn out nice! The decal is the coat of arms for my fiance's family, which will soon become my last name!!!
  11. Erin, isn't it great to know the date? You get a sense of accomplishment or something! LOL I'm getting married there on March 18, 2010!
  12. I was working for Club Med at the time and they basically give us 6 month contracts in their various resorts around the world, and I happened to be placed in Punta Cana. Lucky for me cuz I met my man there! We applied for a visitor visa back in July in hopes that he could come here for Christmas holidays and we were denied. These are not handed out very often to Dominicans, but we thought we'd try anyway so he could see Canada before moving here. Alas, I'll be spending Christmas back in the DR! I'll be sponsoring him to come here once we're married. I'm working on putting together the application, as it's quite a long process and requires a lot of documentation to support the relationship (I'm sure you're aware of this if you're doing it too!). We're getting married in March so hopefully by then the application will be ready to send off!
  13. I met my fiance when we were working together at a resort in Punta Cana. I worked in the kids club and he was a photographer. How did you meet yours? And Rubia Loca is what random Dominicans call me when I won't take a ride with them...they think it's crazy to enjoy walking in the sun!
  14. Hey girls. I was just wondering...is anyone else's fiance Dominican? Just curious!
  15. Hi there! I lived in Punta cana for 7 months (working at a resort) so I tried most of the excursions since they were free for me. The one I think most people would enjoy is the trip to Saona Island. I believe it's offered by most of the hotels, and it's a full-day trip. You take a bus from the hotel, then a motorboat and a catamaran. You get to see live starfish, flying fish, swim in a natural pool, and hang out at a really nice beach. It's a great place for collecting shells and coral if any kids are with you. They also serve lunch at the island. I also enjoyed the shopping excursion in Bavaro since they took us to a cigar factory and a place that makes fruit flavoured rums in hand painted bottles (like banana rum, passionfruit, etc). They can personalize them however you want, which is pretty cool. I agree that you shouldn't bother with the dolphin thing...it's not worth the money. And unless you REALLY want to go to Santo Domingo, don't bother with that one either cuz it's a very long day and your guests will be tired after! If you have any questions send me a message!
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