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  1. My husband and I had been to Cabo before but never together. We decided on a private villa b/c of the noise restrictions at all of the hotels. Who wants to stop dancing at 10 pm on your wedding night?!? Not us! At the villa we went until 3 am! We narrowed our search really by villas without noise restrictions and beach access b/c we wanted a ceremony on the beach. I then had my WC do site visits and give me her opinion. Hope that helps!
  2. Here's a link to Gilda's selected work fr our wedding: http://www.pictage.com/834700
  3. Hi, I see you are a fellow Houstonian getting married in Cabo. Congrats and what a wonderful choice! I just got married there at the end of April. We visited Capella and had dinner at their cliffside restaurant, what an amazing place!! Especially at Sunset! Magnificent choice! Hope you have an amazing wedding - kinda hard not to when you do it in Cabo!!
  4. okay - Just so you know how much I appreciate these vendors -- This is the 2nd time I am retyping this really long post, there was an error the first time! arghhh!! I just got married in Cabo on 4/21/10 and wanted to share my experience with the brides on here - hopefully it will help and congrats to all and best of luck! Wedding Planner, Mandy Clough - A+ mandy@att.net She was great to work with even when I started contacting her 9 months out from our date. Mandy is so knowledgeable and efficient, we could have planned this wedding in less than 6 weeks! She's lived in Cabo for over 4 years and knows many of the vendors and works closely with them. She is accomodating and easy to work with. She always ran everything by me to ensure it was what I wanted. She has great suggestions and thinks of the little things that really make a difference that I hadnt thought of (this all by experience with many weddings) She did so much on my wedding day, my bridesmaids didnt even have to lift a finger!! In fact, I think we only spoke 3-4times the day of the wedding because she already had everything in place and knew exactly what I wanted so she handled everything so I could truly enjoy my day. I had guests that commented on what a great coordinator I had! Looking back, I debated on whether to get a WC as I really could book the vendors, etc all by myself...but knowing what I know now, Im SOOO GLAD we had Mandy! Catering - CHEF RAFAEL LUQUIN - A+ You simply cannot go wrong with Rafael!! First of all - my husband's family is in the restaurant business and are big foodies as many of our guests! Rafael brought in his waiters, servers, kitchen help, bartenders, etc...and literally cooked for a party of 50 at our villa where the wedding was. He was toiling in the kitchen most of the night - the food came out hot, delicious and my guests felt so pampered! The food was amazing!! Esp the lobster tacos! Rafael also did our welcome dinner at the villa. He was such a joy to work with. He customized a menu for us based on our preferences and provided everything we asked for. We were nervous at first because we couldnt do a tasting, so basically we had to completely trust Rafael and Mandy when they assured us we wouldnt be disappointed - And we were not!! Rafael even went as far as getting us an ingreidient we needed for our day to day cooking we coudlnt find. Something he did not have to do for us! Highly recommend if you need a private chef! Florist - Rayen Florist, Claudia Mendez A+ She is one of the sweetest woman! She made me feel like all she wanted to do was make me happy and ensure that the last thing I had to worry about was the flowers - As some of you know flowers are ridiculously expensive in Mexico. Claudia not only worked with my budget, but had ideas to keep cost low while still giving me what I wanted. She created boquets just like from the images I sent her. I saved money by doing my own boutineers and Claudia gave me the special pins to use at no charge. She was so professional and accomodating and her flowers were so fresh! A must use vendor! Photograher - Gilda Badillo - A+ I love this woman! She truly enjoys her craft and does her best to capture the images as you want. I told her exactly what I wanted and she delivered! I just saw some of the pics and my family and friends are blown away - Gilda was rolling in the sand, climbing on fences, whatever it took to get the right angle - We cant wait to get our package in the mail! My only regret is that we didnt do videography! DJ - DJ Mijares - A+ Easy to work with - told him what to play, when to play, and he did just that. I selected 3 songs for the actual ceremony and he was right on time with each song. He did a good job of keeping the guests dancing with the mix of songs so that both young and not as young continued to have fun on the dance floor. Venue - Blue Sea Development - A+++ WOW...is all I can say. We rented 3 villas that were interconnected thru the backyard. It was beachfront with beach access and terraces overlooking the sea of cortez...just breathtaking. Picture and words do not do it justice. The place was amazing! My wedding was a dream come true. It was beautiful and everything went smoothly many thanks to Mandy. It may seem that I am not picky, but this is not true..like most brides I wanted close to perfection and I got it. These vendors are extremely professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend all of them for any of your needs. I wish future Cabo brides the best of luck and hope that you have an amazing day as I did... Cabo Blue Sea Bride
  5. cammie

    Any April/May Cabo brides?

    Congrats Cabo Brides! I'm getting married at the end of APRIL and cant wait for it to get here! So far..I've done the following: 1) Bought my wedding Dress 2) Purchased and altered all bridesmaids dresses 3) Booked the Venue 4) Booked the Florist 5) Narrowed down the photographer to 2 choices 6) Booked the DJ, now need to create my play list 7) Narrowed the caterer to 2 choices Sent out invites last week 9) Booked our plane tickets! Now I need to worry about 1) Groomsmens attire 2) Where to host our welcome dinner 3) Create programs/menus, etc 4) Purchase wedding rings 5) Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts I'm probably leaving a ton of things out too! But so excited!!
  6. cammie

    Need some help.....

    Megan, I cant access that page - I've been researching villas for 3 weeks. If you want you can send it to me via email and I can see if it matches what I've been able to negotiate.
  7. cammie

    Cabo 2010!

    Thank you! I've found so many wonderful suggestions and advice!
  8. cammie

    Villas and A Matter of Taste

    Donnie, We asked about that since I read your post on them being for sale. Our wedding is April 2010. We were told that if they do sell the property they would include that in the sale contract that the new owners would have to honor any exsisting contracts to rent the villa so that put our minds at ease. Im having my WC do a site visit and get back with me regarding if there would be enough room. Another idea she gave me was to install pexiglass over the swimming poo and that would serve as our dancefloor! But sounds kinda expensive!
  9. cammie

    Villas and A Matter of Taste

    hi ladies, I'm also planning a wedding at these 3 villas. We are renting all 3 for 4 nights. My concern is that for a party of 60 it would not allow for a dance floor. (Reception at villa amanda) And i have not heard about using an exclusive caterer from our agent. Which villa rental company are you using?
  10. User Name: cammie Name: cammie & mike Location: private villa Wedding: Feb 2010
  11. cammie

    Cabo 2010!

    Hello all! I just stumbled onto this wonderful site. My name is Cammie and my fiance, Mike, and I got engaged last month and we are getting married in Cabo San Lucas at the end of Feburary 2010! So far this site has been so helpful!!
  12. Gilda - Loved Her!!

    Pros: Great Photographer, Easy to work with, Friendly, Great Eye
    Cons: None!
    We used Gilda's photography services for our destination wedding in Cabo in April 2010. I did my research online and thru this website, found many wonderful reviews about her.  My wedding coordinator also recommended Gilda. Prior to meeting Gilda we exchanged emails and discussed what I was looking fr a photograher.  When I was sure, she was a good match - Gilda was very easy to work with. Knowing I was on a budget, Gilda worked out a package for me that allowed me to stay within budget but still be able to get what I wanted. We arrived in Cabo and met with Gilda. She showed me a sample of what I would receive - a proof book that she did with other clients.  We set up an outline of how the timeline would go on the day of. Ont he day of our wedding - Gilda was fantastic.  She had some great suggestions for pictures. One of my prized photos is her creation.  She is great at capturing candid moments.  i told her i wanted very little posing and NO cheesy photos. Gilda was all over the place getting her angle for the pictures.  She was face down, face up, rolling round on the beach getting shots from different angles.  At several points, she was scaling the wall of our villa to get a better angle - she was just fantastic and the photos prove it!  I received my online version very promptly and withing the time she quoted me, I received the CDs.   When our friends look at our wedding album, all of them have commented on what great photos we have.  Gilda is well worth the money.  I know of people who pay 2-3X the amount and their work isnt as great as hers. Trust me, if you book her, you won't regret it!