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    AHR Wedding Favors

    Great ideas everyone!! Love the photo idea!! My friend is going back to Jamaica next week (our AHR is in April) so I have asked him to bring my back Jamaican Jerk spice (in bulk). I am going to put it in little baggies and attach a receipe card for Jerk Chicken and Jerk Tofu (I am a vegetarian). I will probably print a picture from our wedding on the receipe card. We are not having a sit down meal (more appys, etc.) so I am not sure how to hand them out. I have a friend taking everyone's picture as they arrive so I might have her give them out after she takes the pictures. Does anyone else have ideas how they will give their out?
  2. jh17

    What's your menu for AHR?

    We are renting a local legion and I just contacted a Jamaican catering company for pricing. We are not having a sit down meal (just appy's, finger food, etc.) but I would love it if we could include some Jamaican dishes!
  3. Thanks!! I think the DJ's name was Damian.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by debbmach I love your photos, they did such a great job! Congratulations, you looked beautiful! Can I just ask a couple of questions: Where was your reception/dinner? Did you hire the DJ and for how long? Thanks! Thanks! Our reception was at the Posdeion (the Blue Lagoon was closed for construction). We hired the DJ for three hours. He was terrible but I don't think the hotel will use him again (we had booked him through Julian who is no longer with the Palladium and Nina knows how bad he was so I don't think she would book him for any future brides). I booked a DJ b/c i didn't want the hassle of having to worry about music but in hindsight i think it would have been better (and cheaper) to rent speakers and hook up an ipod with a specific playlist.
  5. My slideshow was just posted on the photographer's (Sungold) website! I am so excited and I can't wait to receive the rest of the pictures!!!! Hopefully this link will work, if not go to Sun Gold Photography Associates under photoshows (Wade and Jane): Wade & Jane Hope everyone is having fun planning (I sure miss it!!)
  6. We got married last month and are planning our AHR reception for April. It will be held in NS as my fi's (I guess he is my husband now!) family is there and most of my friends but we live in Alberta now. We are having appetizers, etc. and a dance at a local legion hall. I haven't really started planning yet do i need to get organzied!! I have a few friends who will handle all the decoratation. Is everyone planning to wear their wedding dresses?
  7. Here is what i had: old: mother's wedding band (my wedding day was also my parent's 30th anniversary so the wedding band was 30 years old that day) new: dress, headband, etc. borrowed: my aunts (on my mother's side of the family) bracelet blue: my aunt (on my father's side of the family) made me two little blue hair clips I was really happy I had something from both my mother and my fathers side of the family.
  8. I agree with Debs as well. I did not have a MOH because it was too hard to decide and one of my bridesmaids was my best friend (who is a guy). He walked down the asile with my other bridesmaid ahead of me and stood on my side for the ceremony. He even put on a dress for his speech at the reception as a joke (everyone was teasing him before asking what he was wearing to the wedding) - he was a really good sport about everything and he was more helpful to me than my female bridesmaids were. You are in a really difficult position but it is your wedding and you should do whatever makes you happy!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by tiffandmarv jh17, Thanks again for passing along all your info to the rest of us. Question, did you or your guests leave the resort much during your stay? If so, did folks venture to Montego Bay or Negril? Is it really about 45mins to get to either place? A small group left the resort the day after the wedding to go to Negril (to the beach, shopping, Ricks Cafe, etc.). The last day everyone was there 15 of us did the same trip to Negril which was amazing. I think it was only about 30 mins to Negril (I could be wrong but I think Negril is a little closer than Montego Bay). Some people (including my parents and my fis parents) didn't leave the resort at all. Six of my relatives ended up at Ibersostar before they were transfered to the Palladium (long story) and they took a cab into Montego Bay. They were just dropped off and they were all pretty nervous (some guys noticed their bracelets, said he worked at their hotel and tried to lead them down some alley). When we went to Negril we used a driver (Cecil) who my friend's brother had met when he was in Jamaica in February. He was fantastic and stayed with us the whole time-I felt completely safe. If anyone wants his phone number just message me. I have already talked to him since I have been home and he is one of the biggest reasons I want to return to Jamaica.
  10. The Grand Palladium uses Taifloral and I can honestly say my flowers were amazing-possibly the nicest I have ever seen. I have #92 deluxe and my bridemaid had #92 standard. They were so pretty I took them to my next resort for my honeymoon (and kept them in the room for decoratation). The WC dealt with them so I can't speak for the customer service but the flowers were definitely perfect. A bouquet was already covered with my wedding package but I paid to upgrade which I think cost $85 for the deluxe and the standard for my bridesmaid was $140 (if I remember correctly). If you would like pictures pm me your email address. Hope that helps! Jane
  11. While my husband and I were having our pictures taken after our wedding ceremony last month my brother and his wife went around all of our guests and videoed “words of advice for the happy coupleâ€. The clips are hilarious and very sweet. We had no idea they had done this and I cried when they showed us the next day. I am sooo grateful to have these clips as a keepsake and we are going to play them at our AHR. If you are able to have one of your guests do this for you at your wedding I highly recommend it-it is priceless!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by lisarussell66 Congrats Jane! Thanks for the Review cant wait to see your pics!! Im using Sungold too so glad you liked them! What Menu did you pick? I have the Caribbean package looks like you had the tropical package? Confused with this as they told me if I book the Blue Lagoon I have to choose the Caribbean package? Were getting married in April 2010 what do recommend I should go over with Nina before I arrive? Thanks for letting us know about the spa thats pretty scary! Lisa Hi Lisa, We choose from the Italian menu. Who told you that you had to choose the Caribbean package in order to book the Blue Lagoon? If it was Julian I suggest you confirm with Nina (Julian gave us a lot of incorrect information). We had the Tropical Package and paid for the private venue ($400 for four hours). I recommend confirming as much as possible with Nina before you arrive (meals, flowers, reception timing, etc.). It felt like I spend half of the four days before the wedding going back and forth from the wedding office. When you have your meeting with Nina upon arrival bring everything you need to give her (place settings, music, sand ceremony set, seating chart, etc.). This will save you time as well because we had to bring that stuff to her after our inital meeting and it just wasted time we could have been spending at the beach with our guests! I really don't think anyone will have to go through the confusion I did now that they have Nina-she is very organized and very professional. I hope for everyone's sake they keep her around!! let me know if you have any more questions Jane
  13. I was having the same issue finding this information. I want to add my maiden name as a middle name and take my husband's name as my last name but apparently to do that I need to legally change my middle name.... who would have thought it would have been this difficult and confusing?! I am not sure what I am going to do now b/c I don't want to drop my maiden name completely and I don't want to hyphen my last name but changing my middle name will also change my birth certificate (so my last name will show as my middle name and my last name on my birth certificate....) plus to legally change your name in Alberta you need to go for fingerprints, etc. thanks for all the info!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by mswhatever JH17 Congrats on being a Mrs!! Could you tell me if they served liquor at the reception? Was it included or for an extra fee? Thanks Thank you!! There is a bar in the Poseidon-it actually worked out perfectly because our cermony finished around 4:30-4:45 and everyone headed to the Poseidon although our reception was scheduled for 6pm. The bar was open so our guests had a few drinks before dinner while we had our pictures taken on the beach. The bar was open for the duration of our reception and wine was served with dinner. There was no extra charge. Jane
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by cgrant32 Jane, Thanks for the great review. That's a wonderful idea about the fans. Did you use any special music for the ceremony? I didn't really want to pay for a steel band or anything. I'm glad it all turned out well. We brought two CDs for ceremony music-one was just a variety of songs to be played for the guests before the ceremony began,. The other had a song I wanted played just before the bridemaids walked down the aisle (Brad Paisley-Waitin on a Woman) as well as our music for walking down the aisle (my bridemaids walked to an instrumental song called "the wings"-its actually from the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack, and my father and I walked to a Scottish bagpipe song). We played Black Eyed Peas 'I Gotta Feelin' as our processional song which they began playing too soon (while we were signing the register) but they figured it out quickly, stopped it and then played it at the right time. The sound was great for the ceremony and the equipment played burnt CDs. Hope that helps!